Interview with Karen Moore from @kleffnotes

I had the chance to talk with Karen Moore, who is making her directorial debut at the Toronto International Film Festival this year with Volcano. This short is set in a Toronto area tiki bar and focuses on two friends. If you are at TIFF this year it is definitely something to check out. We also chatted about some of her previous short film work and a bit about her work on television. Thank you again to Karen Moore for answering all of my questions. Continue reading “Interview with Karen Moore from @kleffnotes”

Interview with Josh Covitt and Michael Feld from @kleffnotes

I had the opportunity to ask the Josh Covitt and Michael Feld, the creators behind 40 Minutes Over Maui. I dropped my review of the short film earlier today and thought this made for the perfect follow-up to help readers get a better idea of the story and what inspired it. Covitt and Feld recently showed their film at the LA Shorts Festival. Thank you so much to both of them for their great responses. Continue reading “Interview with Josh Covitt and Michael Feld from @kleffnotes”

40 Minutes Over Maui Short Film Review from @kleffnotes

Inspired by the strange true events that occurred in January 2018 in Hawaii, 40 Minute Over Maui, is a comedic examination of what happens when you are unexpectedly confronted with you own mortality. Josh Covitt and Michael Feld adapted the false missile alert that did actually occur in Hawaii and crafted it into a short that is funny and touching. When a vacationing couple receive the alert they have to cope with the fact that their lives, as well as all of humanity,  could be ending in minutes. Continue reading “40 Minutes Over Maui Short Film Review from @kleffnotes”

Low Short Film Review from @kleffnotes

Daniel Bogran’s short film, Low, recently screened at LA Shorts and tells the story of what happens when someone commits an act that they aren’t sure how to get back from. Jef, played by Vincent Cusimano, tries to keep his composure after suffering the consequences of a decision he can’t seem to outrun. As things unfold he finds himself being forced to confront his regret through a series of thrilling and strange coincidences. Continue reading “Low Short Film Review from @kleffnotes”

CODA Short Film Review from @kleffnotes

One of the recent short films to appear in the LA Shorts Film Festival, CODA, focuses on a young dancer who is born to deaf parents. The writer/director of the film, Erika Davis-Marsh, film and television director who recently graduated with her MFA in Film and Television Production from the University of Southern California. She was a finalist for the competitive 2016 Television Academy Foundation’s Episodic Directing Internship. I had the opportunity to check out this film and wanted to share my thoughts on this inclusive work. Continue reading “CODA Short Film Review from @kleffnotes”