@LifetimeMovies Stalked by My Patient Airs 12/14/18 via @stacyamiller85 @breewilliamson @lldubs #StalkedByMyPatient #LifetimeMovies

Former One Life to Live and General Hospital actress Bree Williamson stars in Lifetime Movies Stalked by My Patient.  The movie also stars Laura Wright (Carly, General Hospital) and Eddie Matos.

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Fangirl Freakouts: Lez Bomb from @kleffnotes

I am a bit late to the party with Lez Bomb, but this holiday film took a bit of planning for me to watch. There are so few queer movies that also fit within a holiday theme and Lez Bomb is a Thanksgiving focused story that shows us one woman’s attempt to come out to family that just doesn’t seem to be listening. I share my thoughts on this movie in this week’s Fangirl Freakouts. Continue reading “Fangirl Freakouts: Lez Bomb from @kleffnotes”

Denial Movie Review from @kleffnotes

Everyone at some point in their life has probably been in denial about something. Whether it be about an event in your life, something happening in the world around you, or perhaps even something in your own personality, denial has happened at some point. The documentary, Denial, examines a son, his father, climate change, and how denial has impacted all of these things. When Denial begins it appears to be a film focused on climate change and how the Hallquist family, especially the father and son, have been impacted The Grid and ideas connected to climate change, but then it shifts into a discussion of the father and the reveal of a deep personal truth that leads to unexpected feelings of denial. Continue reading “Denial Movie Review from @kleffnotes”

The Marriage Movie Review from @kleffnotes

Bekim and Anita are preparing for their wedding and their future lives together, but their nuptials are slightly clouded by their families and their pasts. Anita has been waiting for news of her parents for years following the Kosovar War of 1999 and Bekim finds himself dealing with someone from his past that he never expected to return. The Marriage examines the relationship between not only the bride and groom, but also how their pasts are impacting their future. Continue reading “The Marriage Movie Review from @kleffnotes”

Mail Order Monster Movie Review from @kleffnotes

Mail Order Monster is a family film that examines love and loss with a focus on a young girl named Sam. After a series of events Sam finds herself being bullied at school and with no one that she truly feels she can call a friend. On top of that her dad is trying to move to the next level with his girlfriend, which is forcing Sam to think about life with a step-mom. With all of this going on Sam finds herself looking for friendship within a comic book ad for a Mail Order Monster, who she thinks might be able to fix everything. Continue reading “Mail Order Monster Movie Review from @kleffnotes”

Happy 33rd Anniversary 1985 Miniseries North and South: Reasons Why North and South Is My Favorite Miniseries via @stacyamiller85 #NorthandSouth

November 3, 2018 is the thirty-third anniversary of the 1985 television miniseries North and South.

North and South told the story of George Hazard (James Read) and Orry Main (Patrick Swayze), two young men from the north and south respectively who meet approximately twenty years before the Civil War, attend the military academy at West Point and develop a life-long friendship that is tested due to the changing climate of the country and their differences because of their individual beliefs and values from how they were raised.

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Low Key Halloween Celebrating from @kleffnotes

Happy Halloween lovely readers! With Halloween on a weekday that often means that celebrating either has to be planned for the weekend before or the weekend after the big day. While I am all for celebrating Halloween for as many days as possible I thought I would share some easy ways you can celebrate today, even if you happen to be at work or just really busy on a Wednesday. Continue reading “Low Key Halloween Celebrating from @kleffnotes”