@StarsEndComic #2 Review ( @realsmashcomix )from @kleffnotes

In the continuation of the Star’s End series, issue two picks up with the crew back on their ship and dealing with the loss of a crew mate. After bringing the human woman on board tensions are high and they must determine what to do next. The crew will have to face a variety of problems in this issue, each worse than the last. Continue reading “@StarsEndComic #2 Review ( @realsmashcomix )from @kleffnotes”

Taproot Comic Review ( @KeezyBees ) from @kleffnotes

Keezy Young’s Taproot is a sweet and touching romance between two young men, with a bit of a supernatural spin. Hamal is a young gardener who just so happens to be able to see ghosts. One of these ghosts is a young man around his age named Blue and while it goes unspoken between them there is a deep connection that has been growing since the day they met. More recently Blue has been periodically disappearing and finding himself in a spooky place outside of the living world and this place reveals secrets that neither Blue nor Hamal ever anticipated. Continue reading “Taproot Comic Review ( @KeezyBees ) from @kleffnotes”

My Kinda Recaps: @carmillaseries Halloween ( @KindaTV_ ) from @kleffnotes

I know I’ve been indulging in a few of these psuedo fanfic, imaginings about the characters of Carmilla and with Halloween, my favorite holiday, coming up I couldn’t resist doing it again. Share your own Carmilla Halloween thoughts with me in the comments or on Twitter! Continue reading “My Kinda Recaps: @carmillaseries Halloween ( @KindaTV_ ) from @kleffnotes”

Interview with Taras Lavren from @kleffnotes

I had the opportunity to chat with Taras Lavren, whom many of you might recognize from the CBC/Netflix series Anne With an E. After appearing in season one as Nate, Lavren is returning for season two as a series regular. Beyond work on the series, he is also very musically inclined and has a number of other projects in the works. Thank you to Taras Lavren for agreeing to this interview. Continue reading “Interview with Taras Lavren from @kleffnotes”

Secret Scouts and the Lost Leonardo Book Review from @kleffnotes

The writing duo Mr. and Mrs. Kind have created a world of historical mystery for young adults with their new Secret Scouts series. The first book, Secret Scouts and the Lost Leonardo, releases on October 23rd and I had the opportunity to review it early. This story is the perfect read for older young adults and teens and really brings history to life. Continue reading “Secret Scouts and the Lost Leonardo Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Fangirl Freakouts: @withinthewires Season 3 from @kleffnotes

Within the Wires, from Night Vale Presents, is back with a third season. I have absolutely loved the previous seasons of this dystopian future podcast told through a variety of different audio formats. This new season is set as dictation notes and I am captivated by everything that is happening so far. Continue reading “Fangirl Freakouts: @withinthewires Season 3 from @kleffnotes”