Secret Scouts and the Lost Leonardo Book Review from @kleffnotes

The writing duo Mr. and Mrs. Kind have created a world of historical mystery for young adults with their new Secret Scouts series. The first book, Secret Scouts and the Lost Leonardo, releases on October 23rd and I had the opportunity to review it early. This story is the perfect read for older young adults and teens and really brings history to life.

While out one afternoon sisters Lisa and Sophie are given a framed sketch that a neighborhood woman insists she was told belongs to their house. A small fight over the sketch and who should get to keep it leads their friends Jack and Tom, who happen to be brothers, to become involved. Lisa and Sophie’s father is an art historian and the group of children decide to use his library to find out just what this sketch might be. While they are there they discover a secret room full with a mysterious device and an antique book inside. With their curiosity peaked they realize that everything they’ve found connects back to Leonardo da Vinci. They will become far more involved in the history of this famous painter and inventor before the story ends and what they discover will surprise you.

Secret Scouts and the Lost Leonardo is a fun read that works to not only provide an interesting story, but also to educate readers about Leonardo da Vinci and his accomplishments. There are some elements to this story that remind me of Doctor Who as well as a series I loved as a child about a magic tree house. Mr. and Mrs. Kind have created inquisitive young characters that show any reader that if you put your mind to something you might just discover something amazing. Secret Scouts and the Lost Leonardo is just the first book in a planned series and the next book is slated to release in 2019. You can find out more about the book and the series on the official Secret Scouts website.

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