Fandom to Fantasy Vol 2 @SapphireBooks Review from @kleffnotes

Last year I reviewed the first volume of Fandom to Fantasy from Sapphire Books and this year while at ClexaCon I was able to pick up the second volume. This two volume set was released in 2018 in partnership with ClexaCon and focuses on stories set in convention settings. I enjoyed the first volume and honestly had meant to pick up the second one far earlier than this year. Fans, fan fiction, and fantasy all come together in these stories focuses on queer lovers and their passions for each other and their fandoms. Continue reading “Fandom to Fantasy Vol 2 @SapphireBooks Review from @kleffnotes”

Outland @audible_com Book Review from @kleffnotes

Outland is the first book in the Quantum Earth series by Dennis E. Taylor and today the Audible Original audiobook drops for eager listeners everywhere. Narrated by Ray Porter, the story follows six college students and their attempt to stop civilization from ending with their experimental physics project.. While studying quantum uncertainty Bill Rustad and his fellow students inadvertently open a portal to Outland, another world that appears identical to Earth. When their own world is threatened  by a cataclysmic event they will have to see if their accidental portal can keep humanity alive, even if it isn’t on our original Earth. Continue reading “Outland @audible_com Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Life Through a Mirror: The Battle Rages On Book Review from @kleffnotes

Life Through a Mirror: The Battle Rages On is the second book in a trilogy by Caesar Rondina. This series is described as a romantic murder mystery that focuses on Allie and David who are trapped in a suspenseful situation connect to murder. They are trying to save themselves and their families as they fight against what seems to be a never ending struggle meant to shatter everything they have. Life Through a Mirror: The Battle Rages On furthers the story and creates a deeper connection between the reader and core characters. Continue reading “Life Through a Mirror: The Battle Rages On Book Review from @kleffnotes”

The Ultimate Droodles Compendium Book Review from @kleffnotes

Doodles are something almost everyone does either out of boredom or because they just can’t keep still. Now while doodles are well known you might not be as familiar with droodles. Yes, you read that right, Droodles. These very specific creations are something Roger Price was well known for. For the current generation Roger Price was one of the creators of Mad Libs, which was just one of the many things he accomplished in his life. His collected works of Droodles are collected and being re-released by Fritz Holznagel with a foreword from Leonard Maltin in The Ultimate Droodles Compendium for a new group of readers as well as for fans of the originals. Continue reading “The Ultimate Droodles Compendium Book Review from @kleffnotes”

The Power of Mercy Book Review and Kickstarter News ( @YlvaPublishing ) from @kleffnotes

I’ve reviewed books from Ylva Publishing in the past and even did a feature on their books earlier this year as part of a series of ClexaCon related features. While at the convention I had the opportunity to pick up more of their books and found out about an amazing project they are undertaking. They have recently launched a Kickstarter to turn one of their books, The Power of Mercy, into a graphic novel. This is the first book in a series focused on a badass lesbian superhero of color, which is something that we definitely need more of in the world of superheroes. Continue reading “The Power of Mercy Book Review and Kickstarter News ( @YlvaPublishing ) from @kleffnotes”

Exploring the Lives of Women 1558-1837 from @kleffnotes

Exploring the Lives of Women 1558-1837 is a collected work of essays from a number of contributors, including the four principal editors Louise Duckling, Sara Read, Felicity Roberts, and Carolyn D. Williams. This book was created to commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the Women’s Studies Group 1558-1837. This group was created Yvonne Noble to gather together researchers who felt outside of the mainstream element of academia. The community and companionship fostered by this book not only shows the strength of this group, but also the power of women in history. Continue reading “Exploring the Lives of Women 1558-1837 from @kleffnotes”

A History of Women in Medicine Book Review from @kleffnotes

SinĂ©ad Spearing reveals the stories of forgotten women in history who worked as physicians and found themselves demonized by society for their work. While these women were the opposite of the witch stereotype as they often traveled from village to village sharing their skills and healing those in need, but ultimately they were decried as doing evil magics and in many cases labeled as witches. Spearing draws from archaeological evidence, folklore, literature, and a variety of other sources to reveal the truly incredible female healers in her book A History of Women in Medicine: Cunning Women, Physicians, Witches. Continue reading “A History of Women in Medicine Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Criminal Women 1850-1920 Book Review from @kleffnotes

With so many true crime shows and podcasts in the world you would think that the history of crime has been completely uncovered, but for the women who committed crime throughout history that is not the case. This rich field of research is the focus of Lucy Williams and Barry Godfrey in their book Criminal Women 1850-1920 Researching the Lives of Britain’s Female Offenders. While male criminals are slightly more easy to pin down, women are able to slip through the cracks for a variety of reasons, which makes their history as offenders something remarkably interesting. If you are a history buff or a true crime fanatic this book not only shares the crimes of women who might not know about, but also how you can become a researcher yourself. Continue reading “Criminal Women 1850-1920 Book Review from @kleffnotes”

The Death of Baseball Book Review from @kleffnotes


Kimitake, who was renamed by his father with the American name of Clyde was born in 1962, the exact same day that Marilyn Monroe died. His traumatic family life is compounded with jarring moments with friends. As he struggles to understand what is going on around him, he begins to fixate on his connection to Marilyn. Raphael Dweck, born on Yom Kippur, struggles with his own issues of otherness, which grow even worse during a forced trip to Israel. The paths of these characters might seem unlikely to cross, but eventually the streets of Hollywood bring them together. Continue reading “The Death of Baseball Book Review from @kleffnotes”

The Isle of Gold Book Review from @kleffnotes

One drunken night an orphan with no idea of her past makes the dramatic choice of joining the crew of the infamous Captain Winters. While joining his crew disguised as a man is already a task, Winters’ ship is set out on a dangerous journey from which it and the crew may never return. The Isle of Gold is a thrilling read that blends together legends of the ocean with a story that will keep you enthralled. Continue reading “The Isle of Gold Book Review from @kleffnotes”