Boy Dreamer Book Review from @kleffnotes

Paul Ecke shares intimate details of his life from roughly the age of four into the present day in his book, Boy Dreamer: An Artist’s Memoir of Identity, Awakening, and Beating the Odds. Ecke’s journey has not been an easy one and throughout his life he has had to contend with a number of difficult battles including life in a foster home, abusive relationships, and a cancer diagnosis. While the material is very deep Ecke works to provide moments of happiness and hope throughout to show the balance of life. Continue reading “Boy Dreamer Book Review from @kleffnotes”


The Return of the Ripper: A Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Jame Mystery Book Review from @kleffnotes

Lucy James and Sherlock Holmes are back in the latest installment of the the mystery series about the famous detective and his recently revealed daughter The Return of the Ripper. While both characters should be focusing on the upcoming wedding of Lucy to the love of her life, police detective Jack Kelly, their are a number of mysteries standing in their way. This novel includes not one mystery, but a multitude, but Anna Elliott and Charles Veley are able to weave these all together in a way that feels natural and perfectly Sherlockian.

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Dream Walker Book Review from @kleffnotes

Dream Walker focuses on a student archaeologist named Peter, who after being fired from his job at his tribe’s Indian casino, is able to delve more extensively into his research. Before he begins searching the Rocky Point area, which is currently slated to be developed for a major corporation, his grandfather provides him with a special amulet and informs him that he is a dream walker. During his work Peter finds himself thrust into this world of dream walking and discovers connections between the past and his present. Continue reading “Dream Walker Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Biohack Book Review from @kleffnotes

If you had the choice would you want to choose exactly what your child would be like when they grew up? In Biohack, the first in the Gender Wars Thriller series from J.D. Lasica, Birthrights Unlimited insists that they can give you your perfect baby as long as you are willing to pay. While this is what the biohacking company advertises there are some secret dealings happening below the surface and they happen to be connected to Kaden, a analytics specialist who runs covert ops on the side. Biohack will keep you ensnared in the story until the very end of this thrilling science fiction read. Continue reading “Biohack Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Death in a Mudflat Book Review from @kleffnotes

Rhe Brewster returns in the fourth novel in the mystery series set in the fictional town of Pequod, Maine, Death in a Mudflat. While attending a wedding with her beau Sam, a body suddenly surfaces in the mudflat nearby. With a number of officers and other members of law enforcement on the scene the investigation gets into full swing very quickly. This body isn’t just a random murder, but is tied into something far more nefarious at play in the small town. Continue reading “Death in a Mudflat Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Checking Out of the Hotel Euthanasia Book Review from @kleffnotes

Gerard Graham creates a futuristic world in which society is broken down into a variety of sponsored religions. We are introduced to a variety of people who are all connected through their connection to the Hotel Euthanasia. The primary character within this story though is Rab, who goes through a tremendous ideological journey within the plot of Checking Out of the Hotel Euthanasia. Continue reading “Checking Out of the Hotel Euthanasia Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Ella: Cinders and Ash Book Review from @kleffnotes

The third book in the Urban Fairytales series by Erik Schubach, Ella: Cinders and Ash is told from the point of view of Parker Devareau. After getting a flat tire on the night of a full moon Parker suddenly finds herself involved in the mystical battle between werewolves and supernatural women happening within and around Seattle. This book is the perfect addition to this fun to read series. Continue reading “Ella: Cinders and Ash Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Snow: The White Crow Book Review from @kleffnotes

Snow: The White Crow is the second in the Urban Fairytales series from Erik Schubach. The first book in the series introduced Red Hood and her hellhound companion and lover, this second book introduces us to the magical Gretta Snow. Much like Mari, the Red Hood, Gretta has lived for centuries and is blessed with powers that were willed to her by a supernatural being. Snow: The White Crow grows the world of the Urban Fairytales universe and sets up a larger overarching plot for the rest of the series. Continue reading “Snow: The White Crow Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Your Own Worst Enemy Book Review from @kleffnotes

Take a presidential election and mix it with high school drama and you have a powder keg of intense emotions and surprising reveals in the young adult novel Your Own Worst Enemy by Gordon Jack. Stacey should be running unopposed for the position of student council president and finds herself contending with not one, but two surprise opponents. Tensions rise with campaigns trying their best to one up each other over the course of the election. You would think that much drama would be enough, but add in some secrets between a candidate and a campaign manager and you have a real page turner. Continue reading “Your Own Worst Enemy Book Review from @kleffnotes”

The Pearls of Wisdom Book Review from @kleffnotes

Sheri D. Engler presents the magical world of Bandalay in her allegorical adventure, The Pearls of Wisdom: A Fairy Tale Guide to Life’s Magic Secrets for All Ages. The story focuses on Princess Shalimar, who is born into the world of Bandalay with magical gifts. As she grows up she begins to see the world in beautiful ways, but there are also tragedies that push her to grow and mature into a powerful queen. Continue reading “The Pearls of Wisdom Book Review from @kleffnotes”