Space Is Cool As Fuck Book Review from @kleffnotes

Typically I avoid cursing too much on the site, but you cantc exactly not use the full title of a book in your review without possibly confusing your readers. Space Is Cool As Fuck is literally just that, it is cool af! See I avoided it that time. While this might seem a bit NSFW, the book itself is relatively tame and just happens to have some PG-13 level descriptor words. Okay, and a couple pictures have cartoon breasts, but hey you aren’t going to be taking this coffee table book to work anyway, unless you like hefting coffee table books around. Continue reading “Space Is Cool As Fuck Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Leah on the Off Beat Book Review from @kleffnotes

After reading Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, I decided to delve into the Simonverse of books by Becky Albertalli and check out the sequel, Leah on the Off Beat. The Leah we meet in the preceding book is a bit standoffish and actually does not appear super frequently within Simon’s story. For those of you who have seen Love, Simon this version of Leah is a lot different than the one we see there. While both do get upset when they feel left out, the Leah in the book often disappears and hides when faced with conflict or when she is struggling to deal with something. I will admit that while reading Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda I didn’t particularly like her. As soon as I began reading Leah on the Off Beat I found myself understanding and connecting with Leah and her internal issues. Continue reading “Leah on the Off Beat Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda Review from @kleffnotes

I realize that this book has been out for a very long time, heck so long in fact that the movie has been made and out on DVD for an extended period of time, but the holidays finally give me time to indulge in some pleasure reading and I thought why not share my thoughts. I loved Love, Simon and have seen it a few times at this point, though Oreos have never been involved in any of these watches so I totally need to plan a rewatch with them in mind. I know for a fact that I picked up Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda multiple times at the only bookstore in my town, but I never wound up buying it. Unless a book has a sticker on it noting it has a new clearance price or comes from a place with Half in the title it normally takes some intense persuading to get me to buy the book for myself. Conveniently my girlfriend had a copy of the book she was willing to loan me and I need you all to know that I was so invested I read it in an afternoon, yes it was that good. Continue reading “Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda Review from @kleffnotes”

Soul Suites Book Review from @kleffnotes

In this sci-fi thriller set in an alternate version of our own reality, Charles Pearson has founded a company designed to help those who have fallen on hard times achieve a stable life. Reaching Dreams is an organization that exists throughout that world and takes in the homeless, but Pearson wants to truly see how his system works. He decides to go undercover as a homeless person and what he uncovers is nothing like what he expected. Continue reading “Soul Suites Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Daughters of the Lake Audible Review ( @audible_com ) from @kleffnotes

After suffering a heart wrenching break up, which is leading to divorce from her husband, Kate Granger has returned to her family’s home on the shores of Lake Superior. While trying to find a way to put herself back together Kate’s life takes a further turn when the body of a young woman with a baby tucked in the folds of a dress that appears to be from another time, washes ashore. As she become immersed in the case Kate finds herself having strange and possibly supernatural experiences in Daughters of the Lake. Continue reading “Daughters of the Lake Audible Review ( @audible_com ) from @kleffnotes”

The Dispatcher Audible Review ( @audible_com )from @kleffnotes

What if you couldn’t die? Imagine a world in which death is an after thought, something that would only inconvenience you a bit during the course of your day. In John Scalzi’s short story, The Dispatcher, death basically no longer exists. While you might meet your end, someone can ensure that you wake back up safely in your home with not even a scratch on you. In a world where death typically isn’t permanent, danger can still find you, especially if you happen to be a dispatcher. Continue reading “The Dispatcher Audible Review ( @audible_com )from @kleffnotes”

Techromancy Scrolls: Avalon Book Review ( @erikschubach ) from @kleffnotes

Laney and Celeste are back in the latest addition to the Techromancy Scrolls series, subtitled Avalon. After the discovery of a people who cannot do magic, but instead have the use of what readers would consider modern technology, the people of Sparo and the Gypsy populations are attempting to deal with what has been determined to be an act of war. In an attempt to avoid further deaths and destruction peace talks are being attempted, but these talks lead to a number of changes for all of the people of these changing world. Continue reading “Techromancy Scrolls: Avalon Book Review ( @erikschubach ) from @kleffnotes”

GoodCopBadCop Book Review from @kleffnotes

Set in Scotland, GoodCopBadCop introduces CI Brian Fisher. This particular Chief Inspector struggles to maintain his professional behavior while at work, but not in a way that can be easily hidden. Fisher instead finds himself shifting into uncontrollable behavior which is often provoked by the criminals he comes in contact with. Based on a graphic novel of the same name GoodCopBadCop presents a story that highlights how what lurks inside may not always wish to stay contained. Continue reading “GoodCopBadCop Book Review from @kleffnotes”

My Life in a Cat House Book Review from @kleffnotes

Gwen Cooper loves all of her furry family member, one of whom even became a social media icon after saving her from an intruder. Her book My Life in a Cat House came together from her work on A Curl Up with a Cat Tale, stories about her cats, and in this first volume she shares stories of the many cats from her life, including the social media famous Homer. If you are a lover of furry things, specifically cats, this book is the perfect read for you. Continue reading “My Life in a Cat House Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Homer and the Holiday Miracle Book Review from @kleffnotes

The internet famous sightless cat Homer returns in another story focused on his miraculous life. At fifteen years old the cat who once saved his human mom from a burglar in the middle of the night suddenly collapses and his family rushes to try and save him. With very negative news, Homer’s mother and author of the books focused on his life, Gwen Cooper, worries that he won’t survive, but in Homer and the Holiday Miracle her wonder cat continues to surprise her. Continue reading “Homer and the Holiday Miracle Book Review from @kleffnotes”