The Shape of Crete Book Review from @kleffnotes

Would you like to venture to the shores of Greece? With the weather getting colder it is the perfect time to delve into sort of warmer escapist reads. I personally love finding a book that will make me feel a bit transported, especially once the cold weather months start to set in. The Shape of Crete is a thrilling drama and passionate love story that will pull you into the past.

A Bulgarian artist, Steffi, and James, an American historian, rekindle their romance after a long separation. The history of ancient Cretan myths and the Nazi occupation winds up bringing them into both dangerous and surprising situations. Together they meet an Englishman who is searching for his missing brother, a man who has been missing since 1943. There is also a local woman whose father is a partisan war leader and Steffi suddenly learns that her own grandfather was involved with the Nazis. With danger lurking the story unfolds in a variety of dramatic scenes with connections drawn to the myths of old.

This story is perfect for so many genre lovers. There are elements of historical fiction, as well as romance, and suspense. If you are looking for a read that can fulfill multiple types of stories in one go than this is something you should check out. James and Steffi are a wonderful couple to follow and their exploits span various ups and downs that are extreme for many typical relationships, but do highlight the dramatic elements of the story. I would highly recommend The Shape of Crete, primarily for romance and historical thriller fans. You can get your copy of The Shape of Crete today.

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