Orion Book Review from @kleffnotes

This month sees the debut of K.L. Hingey’s new addition to her The Elyrian Chronicles series. I had the chance to review the first book, Kimber, and was eager to review the second. As of right now there are three books set in to be be part of the current timeline with two prequel books to follow. This is the sort of distopian future series that fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent I think will really enjoy.

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The Way It Breaks Book Review from @kleffnotes

Polis Loizou is a writer whose works are frequently published through Cloud Lodge Books. He often appears on my review requests list and after reviewing Disbanded Kingdom I was intrigued to review The Way It Breaks. This book is not yet out, but you can pre-order it already.

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You Might Feel a Little Prick Book Review from @kleffnotes

You Might Feel a Little Prick is a new novel from tv writer Reuben Leder. The story is presented as a Kafkaesque examination of the American healthcare system. Through the use of the fictional Cleveland Mercy Hospital Leder is able to craft a curious story that follows a young couple and their misadventures in the pre-Covid era. Please keep that in mind while reading this story, this is set in a pre-pandemic time when hospitals were a bit different.

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Watkins Glen Book Review from @kleffnotes

Watkins Glen is the most recent book from numerous award-winning collections of poetry and short stories, as well as numerous novels. This new work examines finding hope and meaning in life as we progress. It is a deeply human story that looks at how time and fate can change the course of our lives. This can even include changing relationships that were once thought gone.

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Act of Negligence Book Review from @kleffnotes

John Bishop MD is back with a new addition to the Doc Brady Mystery series. As with previous books each case ties into the field of medicine in some way. This story is one that was truly frightening as it showcases patients who are unable to help themselves. Act of Negligence will be out this month, but you can preorder it today.

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Battered Blessings Book Review from @kleffnotes

Battered Blessings: Surviving My Abusive, Toxic Relationship is a memoir by Shannon Ezzo. She hopes that by sharing her story that she will empower others so that no matter what their circumstances they should not have to go through it alone. Spending so much of her time keeping silent during the course of relationship she found herself constantly living in fear unsure of what would happen next. Writing this book for others is truly powerful.

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Women’s Book of Courage Book Review from @kleffnotes

Women’s Book of Courage originally released in 2003 and is re-releasing with a slightly new format this year. Sue Patton Thoele offers more than one hundred short stories that have helped hundreds of thousands of people. While the title may think this is a book meant entirely for women, the lessons and wisdom can be enjoyed by everyone.

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Mozay of Pepperwick Book Review from @kleffnotes

Mozay of Pepperwick is a middle grade fiction novel that showcases the topics of slavery, freedom, and the power of persistence. Written by Jean Perry, the first Black female journalist at the New York Daily News, who then transitioned into elementary education within the Los Angeles Unified School District where she worked for twenty five year. Inspired by a family story of how her grandfather learned to read this book presents history for younger readers.

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The Queens’ English Book Highlight from @kleffnotes

Chloe O. Davis has created an exceptional work by and for LGBTQIA+ of all walks of life with The Queens’ English. This book has been in the works for years and is now available for readers both in the community and who are allies of it. It makes for a great educational resource even if you might think you are an expert. Davis’s love of language shines through and aids in creating such a rich text.

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A Not So Lonely Planet Book Review from @kleffnotes

Do you remember When in Rome starring Kristen Bell? Well while this story is not exactly like that I found myself drawing the same enjoyment from it as I did that film. Set in Rome and focused on Marina Taylor, who is a bold, adventure-seeking writer, we watch as rom-com levels of delight for readers take place in A Not So Lonely Planet.

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