Treachery Times Two Book Review from @kleffnotes

You have probably noticed that I was away from actively writing for a much longer period of time than I have ever taken. My ability to get articles posted has drastically changed in the past year. When we started the site and for a few years I would try and post something every single day, which I really enjoyed. As things changed I found myself posting twice or three times a week and then in some cases just once a week. Right before Christmas I was able to get a few articles out, but then the closer to January it got and then into January my schedule became far busier than it has been in ages. My day job hit the busiest time of the year and I found myself drained once the work day ended. We also brought home two puppies in early January and they take up a lot of time just the two of them. That combined with our two dogs and our own responsibilities, Krista sometimes works nights and I work the occasional weekend, which means very little down time that doesn’t involve just eating and doing chores around the house. I am trying to get caught up on an impressive backlog of requested reviews. I do apologize for those who reached out for coverage, but I will be doing my best going forward to try and get everything done in the timeline that I originally planned.

Getting into the review at hand, I had planned to have my Treachery Times Two review up weeks ago, but could not find time to get anything written up. I really enjoy the books in Robert McCaw’s Koa Kane series and I appreciate being given the chance to highlight them. In the fourth book in the series a volcanic earthquake disrupts an abandoned cemetery and this unearths an unidentifiable body that has been mutilated by her killer to conceal her identity. The search to find out who she is leads Chief Detective Koa Kane to a mysterious defense contractor and a politically tied board of directors. When he decides to continue his investigation regardless of his chief of police’s insistence that he stay away. Koa finds himself tied up in FBI espionage into a powerful secret military weapon, Deimos. As this investigation is happening, Koa also finds himself reexamining a death that took place 30 years before. He will have to contend with the knowledge that an innocent man is perhaps going to pay for a crime he didn’t commit.

McCaw does a fantastic job with his writing of using the setting of Hawaii to his advantage. Each story takes the concept of paradise and showcases the dark undercurrents that are hiding under the beauty that you might see on the surface. Beyond that the cover art ties perfectly into this idea, which I always appreciate. This story showcases two strong stories that work well together as Koa is forced to try and examine the past while he is working to solve a mystery in the present. I really enjoy McCaw’s writing and I think that mystery lovers will really enjoy this series. I also really love being transported to a much warmer place during the coldest part of the winter. If you want a well crafted mystery you can get your copy of Treachery Times Two today.

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