About Us

The Nerdy Girl Express was co-founded by Katherine, Erin, and Erica in October 2015 in part because we all love brains. After meeting on Twitter and becoming good friends over the show iZombie, an idea was brought up to create a place for us to express all of our nerdiness. This led to the creation of The Nerdy Girl Express, where we post daily articles on the topics we love.

The mission of our site is to support a variety of voices in popular media with a focus on empowering those who feel underrepresented.

Our Team

Katherine went to college and studied witches, werewolves, and television shows about Victorian British detectives. She returned to college, but this time with an amazing job helping people. Katherine has a YouTube channel where you can watch her nerd out about shows and web-series, sing beautifully and other fun stuff. She writes here, for her personal blog and can be found on Twitter, @kleffnotes. Katherine is currently acting as Head Editor for The Nerdy Girl Express.

Erin graduated from college with a degree in Criminal Justice. She keeps busy ruling over her home with an iron fist, being a mother of two and an artist who paints and draws from the fabulous state of Florida. When she isn’t writing for us she can be found haunting Twitter, @erinwise82.

Stacy Ann Miller is our Marketing Manager. Stacy currently works in clinical trials, but is a television geek. She is a history buff and her favorite movie of all time is the 1980’s North and South. She spends a large amount of time watching her favorite shows, writing and tweeting about them. You can find her on Twitter, @stacyamiller85.

Tracy Miller is our very own poet and also writes articles and book reviews for our site. She and Stacy are dedicated Supernatural fans and can often be found discussing the series on our site.

Erica studied to become a physical therapist, but ended up being a writer, artist, and a photographer. She is obsessed with books and is constantly crying over fictional characters. Follow her on twitter for lots of puns, ravings over British football and live tweeting movies and TV shows, @quietlikeastorm. She is not actively writing for the site at this time.




We have had a number of guest writers join us on the site including:

Imran, who can be found on Twitter @ImmieBroods

Kelly Sue, who can be found on Twitter @KellySue3000

Krista, who can be found on Twitter @freegolaw

Mo Jordan, who can be found on Twitter @iZombieChips.

Jay Primrose, who can be found on Twitter @CoffeeZ0mbie.

Angie, who can be found on Twitter @luckynerdgirl.

Jonathan White, who can be found on his site iZombieSupportGroup.

Is there something you want us to review, have suggestions, or questions? You can email us at thenerdygirlexpress@gmail.com. If you would like us to help spread the word about a nerdy cause you care about, let us know. We’d be happy to help you too.

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