My Kinda Recaps @A4OSeries Truth or Dare ( @KindaTV_ ) from @kleffnotes

All For One season two debuts next week and to get viewers ready Natasha plays Truth or Dare with some of the cast. This video is absolutely hilarious and I laughed my whole way through this My Kinda Recaps. Continue reading “My Kinda Recaps @A4OSeries Truth or Dare ( @KindaTV_ ) from @kleffnotes”


@MandyRowden When That Day Comes CD Release Party 3/19 in Tulsa, OK via @stacyamiller85 @girlguitar

On Monday, March 19, Tulsa Oklahoma will be the place to be if you are a fan of singer/songwriter Mandy Rowden.

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Interview with Olunike Adeliyi ( @olunike @DarkenProvides ) from @kleffnotes

I had the opportunity to ask the talented and very busy actress Olunike Adeliyi, who will be appearing in the upcoming Darken movie, about some of her recent work and her many outside of acting achievements. In this digital exchange she shared a great deal of insight into who she is and her talents.

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The Clinic Book Review from @kleffnotes

David Jester weaves a thrilling tale of one horrific night in his novel, The Clinic. Three friends, who have grown up together, have decided to up their criminal activities by planning to burglarize what one of them thinks is a well to do rehabilitation center and spa in the woods. What happens once they embark on their late night escapade is nothing they ever anticipated. Continue reading “The Clinic Book Review from @kleffnotes”