Fangirl Freakouts: #SwerveChallenge ( @SwerveSeries ) from @kleffnotes with @freegolaw

The final episode of Swerve season two drops tonight and to celebrate Krista, a writer for StarryMag, and I decided to try the three minute moment from Swerve season one. Check it out and try the #SwerveChallenge yourself. Continue reading “Fangirl Freakouts: #SwerveChallenge ( @SwerveSeries ) from @kleffnotes with @freegolaw”


#Riverdale Reactions Season 2 Episode 1 from @kleffnotes

Riverdale is back and so are my reaction videos! I share my thoughts on the premiere of season two and am going to warn you in advance that these videos will be posting on varied days and will not stick to a specific schedule for a few weeks. They’ll still be here every week though. Also thank you to Stacy Ann Miller and Erica for live tweeting new episodes of Riverdale. Darn my lack of CW, but I really appreciate their website and app. Continue reading “#Riverdale Reactions Season 2 Episode 1 from @kleffnotes”