Batuu Bounding and Adding Star Wars to Your Daily Wardrobe from @kleffnotes

Earlier this week I posted a photo on Instagram that showed me in an outfit that I called an Batuu Bound. For those who are unfamiliar with what this means I thought I would devote a little time to explaining Bounding in a very basic sense. I will also be sharing some online resources throughout this article in case you would like to know more about Bounding and how to go about doing it yourself.

As a basic explanation Disney Bounding or bounding is wearing an outfit that pays homage to a character or person that is related to Disney. Since Disney does not allow for adults in costumes in the park normally, there were some brief changes in October of 2020 in relationship to Halloween and the pandemic, but overall costumed adults are not allowed into the park. This is tied to the fact that it can cause confusion for guests and that the park does not want guests to take photos with people who are not actual cast members. As long as your bound does not fall into the realm of costume in the eyes of security you can experience the park while in character. When Galaxy’s Edge, also known as Batuu or Black Spire Outpost, opened visitors could now have the opportunity to dress in Star Wars inspired clothing in a specific Star Wars area.

I have mentioned this at least once before, but prior to the pandemic Krista and I had planned to go to Disneyland for our honeymoon, which was going to involve a lot of time on Batuu. We began doing research and digging into YouTube videos that mentioned Galaxy’s Edge. During this research we came across Always Believe and their adventures on Batuu. Through them we learned about the concept of Batuu Bounding. This differs from Disney Bounding to me in that you can create your own character and take on your own Star Wars persona. You can also dress in a way that is similar to an existing character or that is inspired by them. If you purchase any costume pieces, excluding the full Jedi robes, you are allowed to wear them in the park so you can wear pieces that are identical to some characters if they are from Galaxy’s Edge. Krista and I were really interested in the idea of dressing in theme on our trip and while we won’t be going in the foreseeable future we did start focusing on finding pieces.

The best source for this was Always Believe, not only because they are great at creating outfits, but because they have made a video guide and also explain their outfits in their Batuu related videos. I have included their guide below, which is part of a larger playlist showing their adventures at Batuu East, this is Disneyland Batuu for those who might not know. You can’t currently go there, but if you are going to Batuu West, Disney World, these same tips apply. You can also find out more about the park and hear more from Ash and Bryan of Always Believe on the podcast/YouTube video series Rexin_Around.

If you are looking for Batuu Bound inspiration you can check out Always Believe on Instagram and Ash posts cosplays and bounds on her personal Instagram. You can also find small businesses through them that have great resources for cosplay pieces and just cool Star Wars pieces in general. During The Massive Star Wars Marathon Krista and I are doing we are hoping to try out some Batuu Bounds of our one and while I’ve done one attempt I have a few more planned. Keep an eye on our Instagram, kleffgoeverafter, for updates on the marathon and our bounding attempts.

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