Disney+ Pride Shorts Highlight from @kleffnotes

Pride Month is about halfway over and while we should celebrate LGBTQ+ folks all year round, including this writer who would love you to check out some of her other queer content, this is the time of year where sites put forward new media. Disney+ is a streaming service I was primarily using for Star Wars and Marvel content, but recently I started checking out their content listed under Pride Month. Some of the options are series, one of which just recently had a character share her love for another female character through song, and others are part of the Disney Launchpad Shorts collection. I do love shorts, short films, short stories, not a big fan of wearing shorts, but all the other shorts I am always a fan of. I watch three of them and thought I would talk a bit about them in case you are looking for some wholesome queer content.

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Cruella Movie Review from @kleffnotes

When I saw trailers for Cruella I was definitely curious about this new Disney Villain origin movie. This curiosity increased so much more when people on my Instagram began saying how much they loved this movie. Even though we had just gone to see A Quiet Place Part II, Krista surprised me with another movie day the very next day. On Saturday we went back to the theater and bought our tickets early, we wanted to ensure better seats. Beyond that we also signed up for Regal Unlimited so we now had a reason to go to the movies so much more.

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A Quiet Place Part II Movie Review from @kleffnotes

New York State is slowly opening up and this means that the movie theater near our house has officially opened back up. We had been so excited when we moved about being so close to a theater, but we had no idea if it would be opening back up. To our surprise it did and we decided we needed to go. Krista is a huge fan of John Krasinski and while she typically isn’t a fan of horror movies she really wanted to see A Quiet Place Part II. After work on Friday we headed to the theater and let me tell you it was an experience.

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Julia Scotti: Funny That Way Review from @kleffnotes

Julia Scotti: Funny That Way is a documentary that has been officially selected for the Documentary Competition at the Geena Davis’ Bentonville Film Festival and is also an official selection at Austin’s AGLIFF 2020(All Genders, Lifestyles, and Identities Film Festival). This is the first documentary film by filmmaker Susan Sandler, who was 72 at the time she directed this feature. The focus is on Julia Scotti, who we learn performed decades ago under a different name, Rick Scotti. Continue reading “Julia Scotti: Funny That Way Review from @kleffnotes”

Did You Know It Is Dracula Day? from @kleffnotes

I will be the first to admit that I had no idea today was Dracula Day until I saw it mentioned on Instagram. Apparently this is an English event primarily that ties into celebrations in Whitby. I am going to use today as a means to celebrate some of my favorite versions of Dracula in media. I will immediately say yes original novel Dracula is great and he is well beloved, but I am going to discuss interpretations outside of the original novel.

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Prepping for May from @kleffnotes

I know we are only about halfway through April, but I am already prepping for May. For those of you who might not know, May Fourth is a big Star Wars day and Krista and I are planning to celebrate. Now we have decided with work that the 3rd will work best for us so our big celebration day will be Monday of that week. To get ready for the week I am prepping some ideas and things to do.

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Solo Night Revisited from @kleffnotes

After a bit of a delay, and by a bit I mean almost a full month, Krista and I are back in the swing of our Star Wars marathon. We kept putting off watching Solo, which I explained a few times, but if you missed those articles we wanted to have a very themed night to celebrate Solo: A Star Wars Story and it took some time to find the right night. On Thursday, March 4th, we finally had the time and the energy to get our act together and celebrate Solo. This involved themed food, drinks, and outfits with a brief unexpected migraine, but that at least didn’t hit headache peak until after we finished the movie.

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A Tale of Two Blue Milks from @kleffnotes

With zero trips to Galaxy’s Edge under our belts, Krista and I don’t really have a basis for comparing Blue Milks to something in Batuu. While we haven’t had that experience yet there have been so many people trying out recipes at home. This was sort of a bigger thing during the early days of quarantine, but recently with our Star Wars marathon I have wanted to give it a try. The two recipes I found are both Disney shared, but are very different from each other and let me tell you they were not what I expected at all.

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My Love: An LGBTQ+ Short Review from @kleffnotes

From the writer of the fantastic sci-fi series, Passage, Hillary Esquina recently debuted a Valentine’s Day short. My Love stars Mandahla Rose (BIFL, All About E) and Sarah Durham (Marry Christmas) as Kay and Rose. Directed by Christie Conochalla (Forever Not Maybe) and Jessica Harcourt this short falls in under the five minute mark, but even though it may be short it is full of romance.

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Reasons for Delays in Our Star Wars Marathon from @kleffnotes

I thought I would share some of the reasons behind out Star Wars marathon delay. Krista and I had planned to focus solely on Star Wars in January and we then realized into February because there is just so much to watch. We were going strong when we made it through the Prequels and Clone Wars, but wound up stalling at Solo. We both love Solo and there is a reason this one keeps getting pushed out, which means the whole marathon gets pushed.

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