I’m Baaaack! And I Have Recs! from @kleffnotes

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been a bit absent from posting this month and that has been for very good reasons. The first of which is that my day job has been very busy recently and that has to be my priority no matter how much I might want to write an article. I have a responsibility to the folks where I work and I strive to do a great job for them. I love this site, but it is fun thing for me that I can do on the side and that side time has been very limited. The other reason I was not here and posting is I was actually away. Krista and I went to Ohio with both of our dogs to see the Ohio folks for a few days and we had a wonderful time. This trip meant spending time just with them and also prepping to leave so there was no free time at all for a couple weeks.

Now the final reason I have not spent as much time on here is because I have been having a great time on Instagram. I created an account for our wedding and that account has turned into a Disneybounding/Cosplay/Spooky Outfit account that I am really enjoying growing and taking pics for. That has been my Halloween focused page so a lot of my spooky content that I would have originally planned for here has been shifted to fit on Instagram. If you want to see that content I am kleffgoever after over there and have been doing daily videos for a sort of Vlogtober style challenge I made up for myself. I also did use a collage of cosplay looks that I did in August to showcase Harley Quinn as my featured image for this article.

Since I have been away I have sort of a long list of recommendations for things I have been enjoying both in book and movie form, though the books are in part audio books because we have been doing a lot of traveling. I also have some podcast suggestions so I thought I would do a sort of breakdown of some top picks so you can see what I’ve been checking out while I’ve been away. I’ll start with movies and TV since I know a lot of folks are looking for spooky watches for Halloween.

For movies I recently watched Malignant on HBOMax, which sadly I think is off that service right now, but may be available on another platform. The movie is an eerie psychological thriller style horror movie and was such a cool watch. I loved the elements where our lead character is struggling to understand what is truly real. Though oddly my absolute favorite thing was the use of a particular song early on that is a staple song in Fight Club. As soon as I heard that song I was like oh!! this is a hint and was watching for elements that fit with what I love about Fight Club. Yes, Fight Club is one of my favorite movies and I am slightly obsessed with it so this was an exceptional moment for me. I also very recently got to see Venom: Let There Be Carnage and loved it! I had never seen the first one and made sure to watch that before going and I had an absolute blast. Krista also really enjoyed it and I completely agree with the comments I’ve seen that the franchise is secretly a rom-com. I also finally got to see Shang-Chi, which was epic, and I am sorry I saw it so late, but my schedule was a super busy thing and it took a lot of time to actually fit it in.

In terms of TV I have been watching sort of all over the place things. I want to start by saying that if you didn’t see my article about American Horror Stories than you definitely need to check that one out because this new season of official AHS is wild! Double Feature immediately hooked me because y’all there are vampires and that is my jam! I adore a vampire story and the first half of the feature amazing. Now I am a bit behind on the second half with the alien focus, but I was excited to see someone from Stories making an appearance and no lie I was weirdly cracking up as soon as all four of those kids started acting sick because I was like well of course, we could do this, and am now very eagerly planning a fake alien baby shower in my mind. What do you buy the expecting parent when they are gestating an alien?

In the same vein of horror things I wanted to give a quick shout out to some Shudder originals. Now my subscription has now lapsed, but I did take the time to knock out some series. The first show I literally excited yelled about was Slasher: Flesh and Blood. I loved the other seasons of this show and if you haven’t watched it yet, Season One is awesome and has a Supergirl alum as well as the main ship from Carmilla the web series making an appearance. This new season was like Knives Out with murder and lots of other horror references. It was great and I got to see some familiar faces from previous seasons. The other show I wanted to mention is Creep Show. I had never seen the movie and did watch the first Creep Show before checking out the series. The vibe I get from the series is a more adult version of a series I have watched on Netflix, Creeped Out. This has been a very fun series to watch while doing some spooky photo things and as a sort of background show.

Jumping over to books/audiobooks I wanted to start with a book I have been gushing over for months, City of Villains. This book is a Disney story that presents a very different look at the villains of Disney in a more modern story. Mary Elizabeth Heart, who you might recognize as the Queen of Hearts, is an intern who winds up investigating the disappearance of Mally Saint and then her best friend Ursula. This book was so good and I can’t recommend it enough for Disney Fans. Another book I really enjoyed was The Final Girl Support Group from Grady Hendrix. This one is great for horror fans and has led me to try reading The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires. That one is taking me a bit longer to get through because I am just a bit busy for free time reading. The last two are audiobooks that Krista and I have been listening to. The first is Oracle, which we solely listened to because Joshua Jackson was the narrator. Krista has a few actors she really likes and he is one of them. The story was a bit guessable, but it follows Nate, a man with the gift of being able to read people in the case of missing person cases. He is involved in investigating a bizarre series of burial cases that all tie back to his childhood home. We enjoyed this, but seasoned mystery readers will probably figure out the plot a bit quickly. The final book we aren’t official done with yet, but we have loved listening to and it made the Ohio drive a lot of fun, Red, White, and Royal Blue. This has been out for a while and so many folks have talked about it already, but it is is so good. The first son of the president of the United States winds up finding himself drawn to a Prince of England. It is so good and even though we aren’t done yet it has been such a great romance.

As my final and shortest section I wanted to shout out two podcasts I’ve been listening to that I really enjoy. The first is Ghouls Night In with Penny Snark and Midge Munster. This is a chatty podcast that focuses on sort of spooky topics and is a fun chat between friends. The other is a fiction podcast and is so good!! If I Go Missing The Witches Did It is just so good and I really don’t want to give anything away, but just go find it and start listening because it is dang good.

Those are some of the things that I think you should check out and I hope this sort of massive article makes up for my time away. Let me know if there is anything that you are loving right now in the comments!

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