I’m Baaaack! And I Have Recs! from @kleffnotes

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been a bit absent from posting this month and that has been for very good reasons. The first of which is that my day job has been very busy recently and that has to be my priority no matter how much I might want to write an article. I have a responsibility to the folks where I work and I strive to do a great job for them. I love this site, but it is fun thing for me that I can do on the side and that side time has been very limited. The other reason I was not here and posting is I was actually away. Krista and I went to Ohio with both of our dogs to see the Ohio folks for a few days and we had a wonderful time. This trip meant spending time just with them and also prepping to leave so there was no free time at all for a couple weeks.

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To L and Back: The End of an Era from @kleffnotes

It is the end of an era folks, To L and Back the podcast focused on recapping all of The L Word has finally made it to the final episode of the original series. Now there is some bonus content planned, but the major goal of completing the full series recap has happened. I may not be a huge L Word Fan, but I have loved this podcast and wanted to highlight it today.

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The Ladylorians Show is Like Chatting With Your Star Wars Loving Friends from @kleffnotes

Six friends from five different states are at the helm of The Ladylorians Show, which is both a podcast and a YouTube show. Much like previous Star Wars podcast content I have mentioned this podcast posts on YouTube and there are perks to watching the visuals, but they also have an audio version available wherever you listen to podcasts. Shot in a Zoom call format a varying collection of the core six appear to discuss different aspects of the Star Wars franchise.

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New Podcasts on My Listen List from @kleffnotes

I periodically try and find new podcasts to mix up what I’m listening too. While yes I love my standards, Lez Hang Out and Coming Out Pod are two in particular, but sometimes you need to search for something that will expand your listening horizons. At some point or another I had seen the three podcasts pictured above somewhere on social media and decided to give them a listen. Continue reading “New Podcasts on My Listen List from @kleffnotes”

@ClexaCon Podcasts Feature from @kleffnotes

Podcasts have basically taken over the world. Okay, maybe not really, but with so many podcasts in the world I wanted to highlight some of the things you can listen to that are also ClexaCon connected. You can listen to these while you are traveling to the convention or you can start binging now so that you can get caught up and maybe even attend a live taping in Las Vegas. Continue reading “@ClexaCon Podcasts Feature from @kleffnotes”

Interview with Lauren Flans and Nicole Pacent from Coming Out Pod ( @ComingOutPod ) from @kleffnotes

Every week Lauren Flans and Nicole Pacent share a coming out story with a special guest because who doesn’t love a coming out story. Each story is so unique and provides deeper insight into the diversity of people who make up the LGBTQ+ community. Lauren and Nicole provide the perfect place to have fun while also discussing deep topics. I had the chance to ask them a few questions about the podcast as well as their upcoming live show at ClexaCon this year. While the interview is with both Lauren and Nicole as this was done over email, Lauren was the primary writer. Continue reading “Interview with Lauren Flans and Nicole Pacent from Coming Out Pod ( @ComingOutPod ) from @kleffnotes”