Some True Crime for Your Friday from @kleffnotes

I have been an avid true crime fan for an early age. When I used to stay in hotels by myself I would often fall asleep to the tones of old Forensic Files episodes and I would periodically nap with the ID channel on. This love of true crime was fostered by my mother and as I’ve grown older I’ve delved into finding true crime podcasts to build my knowledge and find out more about new and old cases. I thought I would share a couple podcasts I just started or have finished listening to in case you are looking for a new listen.

The first podcast is a two season event that covers two different investigations. Dr. Death is a Wondery production and the first season is a couple years old at this point. Christopher Duntsch was the first focus and he specialized in spinal surgeries. As complications rose with those he had operated on it began to appear his promises of fixing your pain were not true, instead the complete opposite. It has been a while since I listened to this season and that one is not the focus of this article. I have linked to the first season for those who have yet to listen. I recently started the second season which focuses on Farid Fata. He is well known for having treated many people for cancer, but his treatments begin to point to a massive issue. The treatments seem odd to nurses and beyond that there are those who are treated that find themselves in far worse physical states than they were before going to him. As the story unfolds we learn that people are being given treatments that make no sense, with constant treatments being offered. The story is frightening and I blew threw the available episodes so far. I have no idea how this story ends and I am desperately waiting the next episode.

While I wait I managed to completely finish another Wondery podcast, Bad Batch. This one, while not focused on a doctor, is still about medical treatments that have taken a dark turn. This story focuses on stem cell treatments and how one company ultimately hurt people through dangerous practices. We focus on a man who is named John K., which is not his real name, and how Liveyon was built. There are elements of the story that showcase how this man had previously mislead investors and how his interest in this topic seems to not really have been designed to help people, but instead to get money. I was very invested in this podcast and finished it in maybe two days with it as almost constant background noise. The idea of medical malpractice or medically related crimes is something a bit new for me and is diversifying my true crime listening right now.

Cold is a bit older, but I only recently discovered it after a YouTube I follow mentioned it in a vlog. I had heard of the story of Susan Powell and am very sure it was mentioned in another podcast I listened too, probably even got an episode devoted to it, but this take is different. The focus in primarily on Josh and while Susan’s own words are used through actors reading emails and other written things for the listener we are learning a great deal about Josh, who has never been officially charged and cannot ever be. Both Susan and Josh are dead and it is believed that Josh is the hand behind both of these deaths. Cold is very well researched and presents so much about the relationship, the investigation, the family dynamic of Josh’s family, and so much more than you could ever get in just one episode on any other podcast. I have not yet finished this one, but have been leaving it on as basically constant background while I am free. This story is so complex and I have been shocked by all of the reveals.

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