#UpsideDownMagic Premieres 7/31/20 on @DisneyChannel @Iamizabelarose @SienaAgudong via @stacyamiller85

Upside-Down Magic adapted from a Scholastic book series by Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle and Emily Jenkins premieres July 31, 2020 on Disney Channel.
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Truthtelling Book Review from @kleffnotes

Releasing in October of this year, Lynne Sharon Schwartz’s collection of short fiction, Truthtelling, will focus on characters and stories that are set in and around New York City. While the stories will share a location connection they are all presented with diverse techniques. You will be wowed by the blend of realism and more fantastical stories that she presents in a well collected work. Continue reading “Truthtelling Book Review from @kleffnotes”

#KillerCamp A Killer Accusation S1Ep3 Preview via @stacyamiller85

In this British reality competition series, eleven strangers arrive at Camp Pleasant eager to enjoy some peace and quiet when they are stunned by the news from Camp Counselor Bobby (Bobby Mair) that they have actually arrived at KILLER CAMP. Each night, one camper will be killed by a bloody, bandaged handyman who is given the orders by – one of their fellow campers! On day one, the crew settles into life at Camp Pleasant, tackling slippery slopes, facing electrocution, and battling for immunity, all the while wondering who will become the killer’s first victim.

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You Would Have Told Me Not To Book Review from @kleffnotes

Christopher Coake’s latest release, You Would Have Told Me Not To, includes stories that are noted as tying into the idea of the #MeToo Movement. Through short stories and one novella he is able to examine failed relationships and the fallout that comes out of them. One of the most common themes is the ideal of masculinity causing issues due to a toxic or misguided person. This book presents so many different relationships and what has come out of their failure that you will feel drawn into these vignettes and the people they encompass. Continue reading “You Would Have Told Me Not To Book Review from @kleffnotes”

#UnitedWeFall Participation Trophy S1Ep4 Preview via @stacyamiller85 @UnitedWeFallABC @WillSasso @CVDramatix

United We Fall is an upcoming American television sitcom created by Julius Sharpe that is set to premiere on ABC. It stars Will Sasso and Christina Vidal as a couple with young children whose household is turned upside down when his mother (Jane Curtin) moves in with them. (Wikipedia).

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The Malan Witch Book Review from @kleffnotes

Robyn Crowe just wants to take some time for herself to cope with her grief after the death of her husband. Her sister offers her the use of her coastal cottage near a sleepy village, which seems perfect. That is until the secrets lurking in the walls make their way into the real world, turning the seeming safe haven into something truly frightening. Continue reading “The Malan Witch Book Review from @kleffnotes”

#DCStargirl Shining Knight S1Ep11 Preview via @stacyamiller85 @stargirl_cw


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The Bi Line: Lawyers and Love Interests from @kleffnotes

In the past few weeks Krista and I have been watching a lot of shows and movies that have included lawyers, primarily District Attorneys and prosecutors. During this binge one of the shows we wound up watching was a two season show with a total of 20 episodes called For the People. This was my favorite of the shows we chose to watch and it surprised me in season one with a character being presented as queer. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Lawyers and Love Interests from @kleffnotes”