Truthtelling Book Review from @kleffnotes

Releasing in October of this year, Lynne Sharon Schwartz’s collection of short fiction, Truthtelling, will focus on characters and stories that are set in and around New York City. While the stories will share a location connection they are all presented with diverse techniques. You will be wowed by the blend of realism and more fantastical stories that she presents in a well collected work.

Each of her New Yorkers will be met with life events that alter their plans in some way. This may be due to fate, some sort of random mishap, or even a time wrap. For fans of her early prize-winning novel, Rough Strife, there are characters who make a reappearance. They are middle aged now and will have to face a life-threatening crisis. There are stories of former spouses interacting and over borrowed cars that are never returned and second marriages that have left one spouse in misery and the other in elation. You will also see interesting interactions between unexpected people, which is even more curious.

The characters that Schwartz crafts are intelligently created and are working their way through creative and complex situations. Each of them is presented in a way that readers will be fully immersed in these passing moments in the lives of seemingly every day people. Her fiction writing is well honed and showcases her talents brilliantly in this collection. As someone who enjoys short stories I found this read delightful. I was able to read at my own pace and drop in on characters in a sort of sporadic fashion. If you are looking for something to transport you to New York City this is a book you’ll want to read. You can pre-order your copy of Truthtelling today.

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