My Kinda Recaps: Self Love and Carmilla ( @KindaTV_ @natvanlis ) from @kleffnotes

KindaTV gave us another wonderful Pride video guest and treated their followers to an adorable Carmilla movie themed video with Elise and Natasha. I chat both videos and my hopes for some upcoming KindaTV videos and plans in this week’s My Kinda Recaps. Continue reading “My Kinda Recaps: Self Love and Carmilla ( @KindaTV_ @natvanlis ) from @kleffnotes”

@StarsEndComic @InsaneComics Review ( @realsmashcomix @thedarkmother ) from @kleffnotes

What if an alien people, the annunaki, had taken animals with them when they left our planet 6,000 years ago? After a great deal of experimentation and manufactured evolution roughly 500 years from now these new blended animal beings, the n’naki, are the highest members of society. They have created a galactic parliament and under their rule humans have become the working class, with little to no rights in this new society. In the first issue of Star’s End we are introduced to a pod of n’naki, which means a team of these beings raised together and trained to act as a team to help support their parliament, who have been sent on a mission that takes a very dangerous turn. Continue reading “@StarsEndComic @InsaneComics Review ( @realsmashcomix @thedarkmother ) from @kleffnotes”