Writer’s Block and Figuring Out Content from @kleffnotes

Today I have finally determined that I actually have writer’s block. This honestly seems baffling to me since I don’t do a ton of truly creative writing on The Nerdy Girl Express, but I still feel like it has set in. I though am unsure what to do with this knowledge.

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Prepping for May from @kleffnotes

I know we are only about halfway through April, but I am already prepping for May. For those of you who might not know, May Fourth is a big Star Wars day and Krista and I are planning to celebrate. Now we have decided with work that the 3rd will work best for us so our big celebration day will be Monday of that week. To get ready for the week I am prepping some ideas and things to do.

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What I’ve Been Busy With Recently from @kleffnotes

I’m not sure how many people read my articles who know I have an Instagram, but I do. While Twitter used to be my go to app, I slowly shifted away from using it and am now basically on Instagram only. I do get onto Twitter to retweet articles and sometimes to follow authors who might have followed me, but beyond that I’m not on the app. Instagram has become this place that I use to try and be creative. I had been feeling a bit like I was sort of stuck and kind of fell into the world of DisneyBounding. Now I had been creating some Star Wars/Batuu Bounds and mentioned that on here before, but I have started getting more involved with creating Disney Bounds.

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Dead Sprint Book Review from @kleffnotes

The author Caroline Fardig reached out to me about my interest in reviewing her new book in the Ellie Matthews series and I of course said yes. I really enjoyed Eye for an Eye, the first book in the series and also the second, so reviewing this one was a no brainer. Dead Sprint is not out until mid-May, but I wanted to showcase it in plenty of time for pre-order.

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Treasure Seekers Book Review from @kleffnotes

Treasure Seekers is the third novel in the Transylvanian Trilogy by Roberta Seret. It won’t be out until April 27th, but I wanted to give you plenty of time to pre-order. This historical fiction work involves actual events and real people and much like the previous two books Seret is able to blend these seamlessly with her overarching story.

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Don’t Lose Your Head Book Review from @kleffnotes

If you love Six the musical then this comedic take on the lives of the many wives of Henry the Eighth should be on your immediate read list. Don’t Lose Your Head showcases each of the six wives and their stories, told in their own imagined words. If you are looking for a funny and historically inspired read this is a review for you.

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