Death March Escape Book Review from @kleffnotes

Jack J. Hersch delves into his father’s history in this book Death March Escape: The Remarkable Story of a Man Who Twice Escaped From the Nazi Holocaust. After a phone call from his cousin revealed to Hersch that his father was being showcased on the website for the Mauthausen Concentration Camp. On the page was a picture that his father had to given to someone and after learning that Dave Hersch had gone back to where he had suffered, his son wants to understand why he made this choice and what his experience was like. Continue reading “Death March Escape Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Work for a Million Graphic Novel Feature from @kleffnotes

The first lesbian detective is coming back to life in the brand new adaptation of Eve Zaremba’s 1978 series starring the PI Helen Karemos. Based on the novel novel, Work for a Million, Amanda Deibert and Selena Goulding are creating a new graphic novel of the same name. As a lover of detective novels, comics, and LGBTQ+ stories I am ecstatic about this project. Continue reading “Work for a Million Graphic Novel Feature from @kleffnotes”

@ClexaCon Workshops Feature from @kleffnotes

ClexaCon is often emphasized as a place to indulge in your fandoms, but it is also an educational experience. There are a number of featured workshops including Improv for Confidence Building with Natasha Negovanlis, Speed Pitching: Pitch to Production by Tello Films, and Unlocking Your Creative Core with Elise Bauman, but there are also smaller workshops being run by attendees of the convention. I wanted to highlight the work of the people who are going to this convention, not just to fan, but to share their knowledge with other attendees. Continue reading “@ClexaCon Workshops Feature from @kleffnotes”

Fangirl Freakouts: Kait & Nic @ClexaCon Feature( @kait_nicseries )from @kleffnotes

Starting this Thursday and leading up to ClexaCon I will be doing a Fangirl Freakouts focused on a web series that will be screening at the ClexaCon 2019 Film Festival. This week I chat Kait & Nic, a series focused on two best friends and their dating experiences. Continue reading “Fangirl Freakouts: Kait & Nic @ClexaCon Feature( @kait_nicseries )from @kleffnotes”

@ClexaCon Film Festival BIFL Interview ( @BIFLseries )from @kleffnotes

I had the opportunity to chat with a group of people from the web series BIFL. After circulating online as a script and releasing a teaser trailer, this year they will premiering the first three episodes of the first season at ClexaCon. I had fallen in love with the script and was excited to get time to talk with Kelsey O’Regan, creator, Amber Rivera, producer, Daren Taylor, director, and Anisha Adusumilli, the actor who plays Jill. As this is a four person interview I have divided them into four labeled sections instead of color coding them. Continue reading “@ClexaCon Film Festival BIFL Interview ( @BIFLseries )from @kleffnotes”

Krypton Season One Release ( @syfy @KryptonSYFY )from @kleffnotes

On Tuesday, March 5th, you can take a journey not only to another planet, but to another time with the first season of Krypton. This television show from Syfy, Warner Brothers, and Home Entertainment is coming out in plenty of time to let you get caught up before the second season. When Adam Strange suddenly appears on the alien planet insisting that Seg-El, the grandfather of Superman, must help him save his future grandson. This reveal from the future is not the only life or death decision Seg will have to face over the course of this ten episode season. Continue reading “Krypton Season One Release ( @syfy @KryptonSYFY )from @kleffnotes”

Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase Preview from @kleffnotes

When I was growing up I loved Nancy Drew and over the years I continued to love the character and the many characters that she inspired. This year Nancy Drew has been getting some buzz again and on March 15th she’ll be on the big screen with the new feature film Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase. Co-produced by Ellen DeGeneres and starring Sophia Lilles, known for her roles in It and Sharp Objects. Continue reading “Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase Preview from @kleffnotes”

Lovecraft’s Journal Early Promotion ( @angelbomb )from @kleffnotes

Todd Thyberg started Angel Bomb in 1997 and is about to embark on his greatest project yet. His company is a design and letterpress studio located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After doing three previous letterpress books he has begun designing something that will speak to H.P. Lovecraft fans. Continue reading “Lovecraft’s Journal Early Promotion ( @angelbomb )from @kleffnotes”

Arledge Comics Announces First Graphic Novel, The Great Witch Artemis via @kleffnotes

Arledge Comics returns with their second Kickstarter of 2019: The Great Witch Artemis. After six successful Kickstarter campaigns, ranging from ComixCentral award-winning Alex Priest to first-run anthology Trial Run, the indie comics publisher is preparing to kickstart their first graphic novel, The Great Witch Artemis. This graphic novel is written by first-time graphic novel writer, Bryce Beal (Gambling the Isles, upcoming My Kingdom for a Panel anthology), illustrated by Scott Malin (Alex Priest, The World’s Worst Bounty Hunter), and edited by Jenn Arledge (Alex Priest, Future Girl). The novel will include 78 black and white pages. Continue reading “Arledge Comics Announces First Graphic Novel, The Great Witch Artemis via @kleffnotes”