Echoes of Fate Book Review from @kleffnotes

The third and final book in The Echoes Trilogy will be out this November and to give you plenty of time to pre-order I wanted to share my thoughts on the final book in the series. This is a series that uses the real world to influence the settings and the universe you are experiencing. Echoes of Fate is a fantastic tie up to this thrilling series.

Dani has finally returned home to Maine after three years on an overseas diplomatic mission, but she will wind up in jail and in the crosshairs of Colonel Houston. The civilian and Commonwealth forces are working together against the Wardens, the genocidal faction of the Echoes, but as her relationship with the Colonel deteriorates everyone’s lives are put at risk. When Oliver is conscripted to become a soldier, Dani’s ally to get him back is declared MIA. Even though she knows it is a trap, but she must find General Ramos. She winds up moving throughout Canada and New England where she crosses paths again with Rowan, a Warden who has grown increasingly reckless. He wishes to bring around the end of all humans, but there must be a way for Dani to succeed.

I think the storytelling in this book is very solid and Cheryl Campbell has done a great job of finishing her trilogy. The story itself is captivating and the villains that Dani comes in contact with are interesting and they keep you wondering if the heroes really can win. I think this is a great franchise for those who enjoy science fiction and who really like when the story they are reading feels like it could happen in real life. You can pre-order your copy of Echoes of Fate today.

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