@JulieMcNiven cast in #CodeBlack via @tdmiller820917 #Supernatural @CodeBlackCBS

Heaven is clearly smiling upon actress Julie McNiven!

Supernatural alum Julie McNiven, who impressed viewers with her memorable work as Anna, the angel who ripped out her grace to become human and later became a wanted fugitive angel because of her disobedience, has been cast in an episode of Code Black.

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@dark_matterTV Recap: We Voted Not To Space You from @kleffnotes

Android is off on her own at a bar, she’s acting like an actual human. She even has a drink and goes to talk to a man named Danny Bones. He seems to be itching for a fight and she takes down all of his goons and then the man himself in a matter of minutes. The bartender pulls a big gun on her, but she has her own weapon. Well, my goodness that got off to a very unexpected start.  Continue reading “@dark_matterTV Recap: We Voted Not To Space You from @kleffnotes”

@Killjoys Recap: Meet the Parents from @kleffnotes

We open in the ever depressing Old Town with some creepy men selling gear to the Killjoys. Turns out this deal isn’t actually a sweet trade, but a warrant. Johnny is out on an escort mission with Pawter and Dutch has promised not to bother him. She and D’Avin are going to stop by the bar before they go because he wants to see Sabine, the new bartender. Pawter and Johnny are visiting her family and we get to meet her sister, who seems charming in a scathing insults in a chipper voice sort of way. Her fiance is just as charming. She also gets to see her dad in real life instead of just in hologram form. They seem to really love each other.

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My Kinda Recaps: @InhumanSeries on @KindaTV_ Eps 15-17 from @kleffnotes

You’d think that with a carnival kicking off this week’s episodes of Inhuman Condition on KindaTV that everything would be sunshine and cotton candy, right? Well you my friends would be very wrong. There’s relationship tension, dangerous plans, and an unexpected attack, which all ended with a hiatus! I share a lot of feels, which you definitely shouldn’t miss, if not just to see all my crazy faces, in my latest My Kinda Recaps. Continue reading “My Kinda Recaps: @InhumanSeries on @KindaTV_ Eps 15-17 from @kleffnotes”

Interview with Matthew Cohen via @stacyamiller85 @mattcohen4real #GH #Supernatural

Matthew Cohen is one of those actors who draws you in with his performance. He has a realism and a sensitivity to his acting that is rare. Any actor who can turn the most simple line into a thought provoking scene is an actor to watch.  Whether he’s playing the younger version of Winchester patriarch John or the previously unknown son of a beloved soap opera character, Matthew Cohen meets the challenge.

Cohen took time from his busy shooting schedule at General Hospital where he’s currently playing Dr. Griffin Munro to talk about his time on the hit show on The CW and the enduring daytime drama.  Read on to learn what he had to say:

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@Netflix #TheDefenders Finally Gets a Trailer at #SDCC via @quietlikeastorm

The last series that Netflix debuted at SDCC was The Defenders. For people who might only watch the shows and not read the comics, the title doesn’t give them much of a clue as to what this could be other than another Marvel superhero group. But. But. This isn’t just your ordinary team. Read more to find out why. Continue reading “@Netflix #TheDefenders Finally Gets a Trailer at #SDCC via @quietlikeastorm”