Happy Birthday Timothy Omundson via @tdmiller820917 @omundson #Supernatural

“All the world’s a stage, and all men and women merely players…” wrote Shakespeare.

And he was right.

We journey through life as performers in a script written meticulously by Fate. Sometimes we receive a standing ovation. Other times, we feel as though we were replaced by an understudy, left confused and bruised by the thorns placed precariously in our path.

Actor Timothy Omundson has proven himself a master on the creative stage leaving a stellar body of film and television work. For Supernatural fans, Omundson enthralled as Cain, the “Father of Murder.”  When Cain met his demise at the hands of the Mark of Cain afflicted Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), viewers were sad to see Omundson go.

If you think Timothy Omundson can only tackle a weighty role like Cain, you would be wrong. In ABC’s Galavant, Omundson thrilled audiences with his comedic portrayal of King Richard. In addition, the stirring musical renditions made Galavant a delightful guilty pleasure.

Today, July 29 is Timothy Omundson’s birthday. I send my best wishes as he celebrates his special day with family and friends.

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