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Matthew Cohen is one of those actors who draws you in with his performance. He has a realism and a sensitivity to his acting that is rare. Any actor who can turn the most simple line into a thought provoking scene is an actor to watch.  Whether he’s playing the younger version of Winchester patriarch John or the previously unknown son of a beloved soap opera character, Matthew Cohen meets the challenge.

Cohen took time from his busy shooting schedule at General Hospital where he’s currently playing Dr. Griffin Munro to talk about his time on the hit show on The CW and the enduring daytime drama.  Read on to learn what he had to say:

You played Young John Winchester on The CW’s Supernatural, a character also played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Were you familiar with show prior to being cast? Did you review any of Jeffrey’s work as John?

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“I was vaguely familiar with the show, but wasn’t by any means a regular watcher. As for Jeffery Dean Morgan, I did watch his work on Supernatural, but even more so on Grey’s Anatomy. I wanted to play a different version of John Winchester than Jeffrey Dean Morgan portrayed because I was him before the person the audience saw. So, basically my character proceeded his so I had to play it different while trying to resemble the same guy.”

Did you bring any of your own qualities to the character of John Winchester?

“I did and I didn’t. I based the John Winchester I played off of Denny from Grey’s Anatomy and my wife’s father, Mark. I wanted there to be a certain vulnerability to him, as if he hasn’t really seen any darkness yet. I am similar to John in many ways, but also very different.”

What was your favorite thing about working on Supernatural?

“The vibe. It is nice to work with some of the best cast and crew in the business, while feeling like they could all be your brothers and sisters. Its a family affair and they treat everyone that way on set.”

You are a regular guest at Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural Conventions, how has the fandom experience changed your life?

“I have said this before , but it is worth saying again. It is thru the fandom that I have been allowed to become a man that I am proud of. I am able to be myself and I finally know who I am. They are a special group of people to me and I am forever grateful.”

You’re currently portraying General Hospital’s Dr. Griffin Munro, a character revealed to be the son of the late Duke Lavery. How challenging has it been joining the cast of such an icon soap opera?

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“It has indeed been extremely challenging working on a set full of legendary TV stars, but they have also been very welcoming. Executive Producer Frank Valentini has helped to ensure that I understand my character and helped me build quick relationships with key characters like Anna Devane.”

The majority of your scenes have been with Finola Hughes’ Anna Devane. Did Finola gave you any backstory on Duke or advice that helped you in your portrayal?

“Everything Finola has done has been more than helpful. She is one of the most delightful people I have ever been around. She has helped me understand my back story as well as hers and become a fast friend of mine. I really do cherish our friendship.”

How would you describe the character of Dr. Griffin Munro?


What characters of General Hospital would you like to see Griffin interact with more?

“I would love to work more with Jason and Sonny.”

Fans are speculating on a Griffin/Claudette connection. Without giving away spoilers, where do you think this story line is going?

“(Laughs) Its going somewhere! (without giving any spoilers)”

Do you think Griffin has secrets?

“Oh yes he most certainly has deep secrets.”

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UPDATE: Matt Cohen will be appearing as Ryan, Jack Garrett’s son on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.  Season 2 premieres Wednesday, March 8 at 10/9c on CBS

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