Happy Birthday @GeneralHospital ‘s Matt Cohen @mattcohen4real via @stacyamiller85 @cw_spn #GH #Supernatural

General Hospital’s Dr. Griffin Munro is having a birthday.  Or rather the actor who plays him.

Matt Cohen celebrates his birthday September 28.

Fans of The CW’s Supernatural fell in love with actor Matt Cohen from his portrayal of Winchester patriarch John prior to his hardening from the stresses of hunting.  Young John was sweet, as Mary told Dean when he was sent back in time to 1973. Pre-hunting John was idealistic about the world and optimistic about his future.

Cohen currently plays priest/doctor Griffin Munro on ABC’s General Hospital.  Griffin harbors guilt over an affair with Claudette who was married to Nathan at the time.  Additionally, Griffin is the son of Duke Lavery and although angered by the murder of the father he never knew, tries to keep his emotions in check while counseling those like Anna Devane on forgiveness. Griffin helped a burned and disfigured Ava Jerome see the beauty within. They two then became romantically involved. But his mistake in sleeping with her daughter Kiki has ended his and Ava’s relationship. To get revenge, Ava went to Chief of Staff Dr. Monica Quartermaine causing Dr. Griffin Munro to be suspended from General Hospital.

Matt Cohen has become part of the canvas on the long running soap with ease. As Griffin Munro, Matt Cohen has chemistry with every actor he’s played scenes with.  Cohen has a naturalness and spark which shows in his performances.

Cohen brings this spark to the convention circuit where he is a frequent guest at Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural conventions.  The talented actor engages and it’s obvious that he appreciates his fans.

So on this September 28 your birthday, I wish you much success and happiness.

Here’s a poem written by The Nerdy Girl Express writer and poet Tracy Diane Miller:

#poetry #HappyBirthdayMattCohen The blessings that await you, a birthday poem for @mattcohen4real by Tracy Diane Miller

Was your destiny written
In promises across the clouds in the sky
To bring joy to others through your many talents is why
For the millions of people who you can’t see
For the millions of hearts that have to come to be
A Winchester patriarch
A General Hospital doctor with a great weight to bear
Whatever you do
You show fans how much you care
Your beautiful wife and son
Fate smiled upon you
The blessings that await you
May good health and happiness always come your way
I send my poetic best wishes
To you as you celebrate your birthday




Photos taken from the internet; credit given to the original sources

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