Happy Anniversary @thenerdygirlexp In Appreciation of #TheNerdyGirlExpress on Its 3rd Anniversary via @stacyamiller85

Happy Anniversary The Nerdy Girl Express!

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Low Key Halloween Celebrating from @kleffnotes

Happy Halloween lovely readers! With Halloween on a weekday that often means that celebrating either has to be planned for the weekend before or the weekend after the big day. While I am all for celebrating Halloween for as many days as possible I thought I would share some easy ways you can celebrate today, even if you happen to be at work or just really busy on a Wednesday. Continue reading “Low Key Halloween Celebrating from @kleffnotes”

Black Diamond Fall Book Review from @kleffnotes

Jospeh Olshan is an acclaimed writer whose work has even been adapted into a film, Clara’s Heart starring Whoppi Goldberg and Neil Patrick Harris, and in his latest work he uses some true events to create a complex story of love and struggling with your identity. Black Diamond Fall is a captivating read that draws together two varying plots into a neatly combined story full of longing. Continue reading “Black Diamond Fall Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Time’s Up, Afton Book Review ( @AuthorBrentJ ) from @kleffnotes

Time’s Up, Afton is the final book in the Afton Morrison series by Brent Jones. With all of the charges dropped against her, but the vile Ray still out in the world Afton has made the decision to fully embrace her dark urges and go after the people who need stopped. In the wake of Clara’s fires a group of meth dealers has appeared and their drugs are killing young people in Wakefield. With that, as well as finally dealing with Ray, as her mission Afton goes into this book with a plan that could mean the end of her life as she knows it. Continue reading “Time’s Up, Afton Book Review ( @AuthorBrentJ ) from @kleffnotes”