Happy Anniversary @thenerdygirlexp In Appreciation of #TheNerdyGirlExpress on Its 3rd Anniversary via @stacyamiller85

Happy Anniversary The Nerdy Girl Express!

I have been a writer and marketing manager with The Nerdy Girl Express since December, 2015 and it has been a rewarding and positive experience. I enjoy writing articles and live tweeting for the site. Additionally, I recently created The Nerdy Girl Express’ Facebook page.

I enjoy all forms of entertainment but in particular television. When asked my favorite genre, I usually reply that I don’t have a specific favorite. When I chose a television show to watch, it’s usually based upon my knowledge of the starring actor or actors’ previous work.  Or the premise has to be something that grabs my attention.  Seldom do I watch a television show based on popularity or a recommendation (though this has happened a few times).  My earliest memory of watching television is 1970, so I’ve had 48 years in which to sample a variety.

The best thing I like about The Nerdy Girl Express is the individuality of the writers and that it’s more about the enjoyment we have for the material and how we want to share that with our readers.  I’ve read comments in regard to some of our Blast From The Past articles as our trips down memory lane brought fond memories to our readership. Whether it’s past or current aspects of entertainment, we cover it. We love to write and we write what we love. The Nerdy Girl Express also features videos, courtesy of co-founder Katherine.  And anyone who’s watched one of Katherine’s videos will know how delightful they are.  She knows how to have fun and engage an audience. Katherine also reviews many books and comics with the same charm. The other co-founders, Erin and Erica also bring magic to what they write.  When you read a piece from The Nerdy Girl Express, the writer’s personality shines through.

Another great aspect of The Nerdy Girl Express is the respect shown to all its writers.  Decisions are discussed with the team as this site wants its writers happy and comfortable with any changes.  As Marketing Manager of The Nerdy Girl Express, I review the site emails for interview opportunities.  But I also strive to make dream interviews come true.  If one of the writers messages me with a request for someone they’d love to interview, I immediately get into research mode to find out contact information in order to coordinate with a rep.

I appreciate The Nerdy Girl Express for taking someone like myself who doesn’t fit into a specific category for a viewer and allow her to write what she feels.  And the support given to the writers is valuable.  They will take a stand and back up their writers.  When I had an issue involving a piece I’d written that gathered some negative response due to a view I had taken, The Nerdy Girl Express was in my corner.  As writers, we all know that everything we write won’t be liked by everyone.  And on occasion, some responses will be harsh.  Writers must have the courage of their conviction.  It helps when you know your editors give you the freedom of expression and honor your choices.

Finally, the smallness of the staff doesn’t allow for anyone to be overlooked.  It also gives an intimate feeling among the writers. However even with less than ten writers, The Nerdy Girl Express puts forth material everyday.

So on this third anniversary of The Nerdy Girl Express, I wanted to let everyone know that I’m honored to be a part of this writing team.

Comments? Sound off below.  Or tweet @thenerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .



2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary @thenerdygirlexp In Appreciation of #TheNerdyGirlExpress on Its 3rd Anniversary via @stacyamiller85

    1. I need to get back to contributing towards your site. I’m still going through my reviews of Constantine. No promises but I hope to get an article out before the year’s end.


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