Dancing Deadites and a Singing Ash, Yes Please!

Today is Halloween, and this year it’s not just my favorite holiday, but also the premiere day for Ash vs Evil Dead on Starz. 9 pm est everybody, if you can you should totally watch it, mostly because I can’t and I need someone to tell me how amazing it is. All the sad faces over here, but I just don’t get the channel and won’t be able to find a way to get it in time to see the show. On a happier note though, it is the day to discuss my favorite piece of the Evil Dead franchise, Evil Dead: The Musical. Yes, there is a musical and I can tell you first hand that it is ridiculously hilarious and you need to find a way to watch or listen to it. Continue reading “Dancing Deadites and a Singing Ash, Yes Please!”

He Was a Good Dog

A Review of Cujo

There are few people in the world who can write a scary story quite like Stephen King. A few days ago I caught a Halloween movie marathon on AMC and I was able to re-watch one of my favorite story’s he has written and has been made into a movie, Cujo. Continue reading “He Was a Good Dog”

iZombie Nation Interview for All the Zombies of the Nation

I had the wonderful chance to interview the man behind iZombie Nation, S.J. Allan. He not only runs the Twitter account, @iZombieNation,and website www.izombienation.com, but also hosts a weekly movie rewatch night on Fridays. The site is currently under construction, but will be back up November 2nd. For this interview we at The Nerdy Girl Express wanted to know what it’s like to run his fan account and site. Click the jump to learn more about one of the cool people at the head of the iZombie fandom. Continue reading “iZombie Nation Interview for All the Zombies of the Nation”

Bringing the #Paine

Review and Recap of iZombie s2-epi4: Even Cowgirls get the Black and Blues

I love that iZombie has a way of keeping to the same formula for each episode while also throwing in as many twists and turns to its plot that is inhumanly possible. This week Liv ends up living the life of a country western singer. There’s heartbreak, rekindled friendship, a sad dog, new love and of course murder. Continue reading “Bringing the #Paine”

Who Keeps Renting This Cabin?!

With the original Evil Dead trilogy recapped and Ash vs Evil Dead getting closer and closer to premiering, it’s on to the 2013 remake titled just Evil Dead. This movie was set in the present and my immediate thought was, “Who the heck keeps letting teens rent this cabin?” I’m just guessing a demon works for AAA and any time someone asks where they should go on Spring Break they just say, “Well, I know this place, it’s a real steal. Very rustic, no deposit, it’s all yours for as long as you want it.” Just please go to the beach teens, there you only have to worry about sharks and not demons.

Continue reading “Who Keeps Renting This Cabin?!”

Prepare Your Army…Of Darkness

Halloween and the premiere of Ash vs Evil Dead on Starz grows ever closer. 9 pm est this Saturday for those of you who are planning on tuning in. With deadite day coming up it’s time for the recap of the third movie in the original Evil Dead movie trilogy, Army of Darkness. This movie drops us right back where we left Ash in Evil Dead 2. Our chainsaw handed hero is somewhere in the past surrounded by knights and sand with no idea what’s going on.

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It’s Chainsaw Hand Time Ash!

We’re back with some more of Ash and The Evil Dead. Today I’ll be talking about the 1987 sequel to The Evil Dead, The Evil Dead 2. This article is part of a series about The Evil Dead franchise because on my favorite day of the year Ash vs Evil Dead will premiere on Starz at 9 pm est. That’s Halloween, which is this Saturday, if you weren’t sure which day I hold nearest and dearest. Continue reading “It’s Chainsaw Hand Time Ash!”