Bringing the #Paine

Review and Recap of iZombie s2-epi4: Even Cowgirls get the Black and Blues

I love that iZombie has a way of keeping to the same formula for each episode while also throwing in as many twists and turns to its plot that is inhumanly possible. This week Liv ends up living the life of a country western singer. There’s heartbreak, rekindled friendship, a sad dog, new love and of course murder.

We start with Liv picking Ravi up for work. This all sounds innocent enough except there is the awkward encounter of Liv and Major seeing each other. It makes it more so since Major is hating himself for sleeping with Gilda again who is still in his room unknowingly to Ravi and Liv.

Off to the morgue, Liv makes some tasty deep fried brains that even Ravi admits smells delicious (is that a clue iZombie writers? I love trying to suss out all the clues this show leaves for us). She now takes on the personality traits and drawl of a country western singer. Liv gets some hilarious lines such as ‘butter my butt and call it a biscuit’ and ‘I’m sweating like a ten dollar whore on nickel night.’

While the investigation continues we get to see a lot of really great scenes for Liv. To my relief, she and Peyton patch things up quickly. I wanted to shake Major and tell him ‘that’s how you properly react!’ I have been on the fence about liking Peyton, mostly because we really didn’t get to see much of her in the first season. But I loved how Peyton got how hard it’s been on Liv being a zombie for the past year and all the sacrifices she’s had to make. There was also promise of future spats between Peyton and Liv’s current roommate Gilda. Gilda seemed none too happy seeing Liv and Peyton being buddies again and Peyton expressed that she wanted to run a background check on her. I hope she does and that she finds out all sorts of things on Gilda.

We also see a very unexpected plot twist that I don’t think anyone saw coming. Peyton is trying to get her Utopium investigation going, but no one is willing to talk. That is until our one and only Blaine walks in. He pleads for immunity and in return spills all the brains on what he knows about Mr. Boss. While Blaine talks he and Peyton start to ‘talk’ as in flirting with each other. I’ve decided to call this new ship #Paine because that’s what it brings to anyone involved and watching. It’s such a wrong pairing that I might just love to hate it as long as it doesn’t turn into anything too serious. But seriously Peyton, the guy’s an obvious criminal-don’t do it!

Blaine also has a decent amount of screen time this episode. We see him not only going forward to Peyton to take down Mr. Boss, but he is also noticing that two of his clients are missing. Blaine hates losing money above all things and I know he’s going to figure this out back to Major and things are going to get real, real fast. My new favorite character is Blaine’s mute henchman. I just loved that he tried to cheer Blaine up with a smiley face emoji, okay? We also finally see Blaine make some headway trying to figure out what the tainted Utopium was cut with when Liv and he were originally turned. He finds the pusher who had sold him the drugs, but he is now reformed, very religious and very unwilling to tell the formula. Blaine is of course forgiving of this and after turning the kid into a zombie, nails him into a coffin and when he still won’t talk-shoves him outside to deal with his munchie problem alone until he is willing to talk. Blaine may have just caused the apocalypse-we’ll see next week I guess.

We also watch Major’s continued downward spiral this episode. Not only does Peyton know something is up, Ravi even ends up arguing with Major. This is after forgetting to take Ravi to work and losing their new dog Minor, who goes back to the park where he had last seen his zombie owner and it hit me right in the feels, and not seeming to care that he has while playing his zombie killing video game. Wow Major.

After Liv beautifully sings about her and Major while still on country western brains (and seeing Ravi dressed as a cowboy is worth watching this episode alone) she goes over to his house and tells Major that they are over for good. It’s a great moment for her and a bad one for Major as he pretty much says ‘whatever’ and slams the door in her face. She doesn’t take that though and they have a huge argument where Major demands more space and that Liv never gives it. She finally leaves and Major seems even more depressed he’s gotten his wish. We then watch as he hits a new low while scoring more Utopium and running into one of the kids he used to try and keep off of drugs. This seems to be a last straw for Major, being faced with who he used to be and he goes to Liv’s apartment and tells her he needs help. Instead of slamming the door like I felt she might do, Liv embraces him and they end the episode on a kiss.

So are Liv and Major back together? Will Major even remember this if he was high? If he does remember, is he only going to admit to the drug problem? I’m betting so as I don’t think Major wants to admit to the whole murder bit. Not to mention that he’s been sleeping with Gilda. I’m afraid those are going to be nasty surprises Liv will find out and it will break her heart.

Other notes from the episode-Clive is working with an FBI agent that has been assigned to their precinct. What is her purpose for being there? Will she be friend or foe? Also why do none of Clive’s bosses ever seem to appreciate him? The new Lt. seems just as dismissive of him as Suzuki had been.

As with all of Clive and Liv’s cases, there is a theme connecting them to the overall feel of the episode. We had been getting people who had done committed murder to ‘right’ a situation, *coughMajorcough* but this time, we find out that our country singer was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Something that poor Liv can connect with on a lot of levels.

Finally is anyone else wondering when we will get an update on Liv’s situation with her family? Is Evan out of the hospital? Will any of them ever be able to reconcile again? Hopefully we will get those answers soon.

Everyone make sure to watch iZombie every Tuesday at 9pm on the CW. The ratings haven’t been as high as hoped for and we have to make sure this amazing show goes on for a third, fourth and beyond in seasons! Next week’s episode Liv eats a basketball coaches brains. Don’t miss seeing how many costars butts she ends up slapping.

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