Putting On Revry Release ( @REVRYTV )from @kleffnotes

On November 30th Revry, an LGBTQ+ focused online network, dropped their debut reality series Putting On. Focused on the Isreali born, actor, model, entrepreneur, and Instagram influencer On Mekahel, Putting On is all about fashion and the drama that can surround creating a brand new fashion company. On has been working hard to create M.O. Underwear, but nothing is ever as easy as you might think. Continue reading “Putting On Revry Release ( @REVRYTV )from @kleffnotes”

#AshVsEvilDead Season One Part One Review from @ImmieBroods

Well, they managed to do the impossible with this one. Yes, I’m talking about Bruce Campbell, who well into his 50’s, does a fantastic job in Ash vs. Evil Dead season one. I am aware that Bruce Campbell’s chin could have its own show, but I’m going to focus on the man himself. I believe he’ll turn 60 next year, but at the time of production on the first season of this series he was 57 or 56. Continue reading “#AshVsEvilDead Season One Part One Review from @ImmieBroods”

@NBCPowerless “Wayne or Lose” Reactions from @kleffnotes

NBC debuted Powerless, the comic book inspired series where superheroes aren’t the main characters last week. Emily Locke, played by Vanessa Hudgens, has just gotten a new job in Charm City as the head of research and development at Wayne Security. After living in what is known as a fly over state, superheroes never landed there, she decided that she wanted to move to a place where she could find a way to more directly help those impacted by superheroes. On her first day Emily finds herself taking on way more responsibility than she ever planned when the Wayne in charge, Van, gets a promotion. Continue reading “@NBCPowerless “Wayne or Lose” Reactions from @kleffnotes”

#Damien Finale ‘Ave Satani’ Proves that @AETV should #RenewDamien via @quietlikeastorm

Throughout all my reviews of the first season of Damien, I have maintained that it is a very smart horror show. It wasn’t about the blood and guts that is so popular in today’s horror and it wasn’t about the jump scares and screaming attractive teenagers of yesteryear either. Damien has been able to not only bring in the best of those elements, but also make something entirely its own. It was hard for many to wrap their heads around it at first. They wanted it spoon fed to them. Why think about an antichrist that has a conscience and may not want to do this or even believe it, when he could be out taking over the world already? Now, now, now. I like that showrunner Glen Mazzara and his writers rejected this and instead brought us the thinker that is Damien.

Continue reading “#Damien Finale ‘Ave Satani’ Proves that @AETV should #RenewDamien via @quietlikeastorm”