The Devil You Know, Catching Up on #Damien @DamienAETV via @quietlikeastorm

I didn’t think the episode, The Devil You Know, could top the drama of last week, but I was very, very, wrong. Spoilers for episode nine!

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Here is Wisdom, Catching Up on #Damien @DamienAETV via @quietlikeastorm

Here are my reactions to episode eight, Here is Wisdom and episode nine, The Devil You Know. I’m glad to finally be caught up so I can enjoy tonight’s finale and give it my full attention. Watch out for that review later this week.

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Final Stay at the Hotel Cortez

This is my final AHS Hotel review and I’m pretty sad to see this show go. I’ve really enjoyed this season, even if I did have some issues with some plot things. Overall though I really have been enjoying myself on Wednesday nights. Congrats to Lady Gaga on her Golden Globe! Now let’s get to the review, I’m writing it as I watch the show, just fyi. Continue reading “Final Stay at the Hotel Cortez”

Earn Your Reviewing Merit Badge with Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

When I first heard about the movie Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse I honestly thought it sounded like the sort of thing I would have picked up when I was was still in Girl Scouts. Since I was a scout I thought I definitely had to watch it, just to see how my scouting skills would be able to help me in the event of zombie hoarding. Grab your thin mints and your sleeping bags and snuggle in for a review of Scouts Guide. Continue reading “Earn Your Reviewing Merit Badge with Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse”

Are You Going to #WishCon?

Here at the Nerdy Girl Express we bring you a daily dose of nerdy info about all our favorite shows, movies, books, comics and more. We are pleased to be able to now tell you about an amazing new convention that is happening that you can be a part of right now from the ground up. This is for fans, vendors, press, volunteers and everyone else interested. It’s called the Women In Sci-Fi and Horror Convention or WishCon for short. Its main objective is to celebrate and showcase the women in front of and behind your favorite sci-fi, fantasy and horror television genres, but all creations are welcome. This con has a lot going for it even though it is brand new. Let me tell you all about it as there is a ton of ground to cover. Continue reading “Are You Going to #WishCon?”

She Gets Revenge on AHS: Hotel

The latest episode of American Horror Story Hotel, She Gets Revenge, aired last night. This is one of the few shows not on hiatus that I watch so I was exceptionally excited to be able to watch it this week. This season of AHS has been crazy with murders, psychotic episodes, crazy baby vampires, and the ghosts of the Hotel Cortez’s past. This episode was no exception. Continue reading “She Gets Revenge on AHS: Hotel”

The Hurt Stalker – iZombie Episode Review

This past week’s episode of iZombie is once again one of the best of the season. Season two is really knocking it out of the park on great episodes. This time we deal with Liv on stalker brains, where she does and does not find out some very important things. Not to mention we finally get a Clive centric episode-hallelujah! Continue reading “The Hurt Stalker – iZombie Episode Review”