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Here are my reactions to episode eight, Here is Wisdom and episode nine, The Devil You Know. I’m glad to finally be caught up so I can enjoy tonight’s finale and give it my full attention. Watch out for that review later this week.

Here is Wisdom starts with Simone and Sister Greta in the sewers. They find the dagger of Maggido that the would be assassin of Damien lost several episodes ago. It didn’t seem hard to find and I wonder why Ann didn’t think to send someone down there before. Simone seems to be trusting the Sister, but is reserved with her. I think this shows a good sense of how we all feel about Greta right now. What will happen now that she has one of the daggers that can kill Damien? We already know she wanted more action than the church advised. Will she go against them and go for Damien? We’ll find out.

We see Damien at one of his sessions with Dr. Matthews, the psychiatrist he saw while in the psych ward. He actually tells her he is the antichrist and she thinks he is delusional. She also says he has PTSD, but Damien refutes this saying he just witnessed it, not lived through it like soldiers. They talk more about being the antichrist and Dr. Matthews says very sensibly that Damien can choose not to do evil.

Damien returns to his perpetually dark apartment to find the lovely gift of a tongue in a box. There is undeveloped film inside it, but before he can go any farther detective Shay shows up. He knows Powell killed Cray and is convinced that Damien knows about it or is in on it too. He recklessly shows Damien the pictures of Cray’s murder, reveals his tongue was cut out and callously asks about his attempted suicide and if it’s all related. I know the detective thinks Damien is a bad guy, but this goes far beyond police procedure. You can really see how Shay is slowly unraveling. Damien denies everything as he really is innocent. Shay asks him to call if Powell gets in touch with him.

Bradley James doesn’t like it when you get his lunch order wrong

Luckily Damien was able to hide the tongue sent to him although showing it to the detective along with the box might have helped prove his innocence. Then again Shay might have saw it as Damien keeping a trophy too. Damien now knows it was Powell that sent the tongue, but decides not to tell him about it at all and when Shay leaves he puts the tongue in the garbage disposal. By the way whomever made that prop tongue did an amazing job. It completely grossed me out. Damien then develops the film and sees a repeated image of a tree drawing and the last photograph says Remember. Damien seems to know what this means and we go along for the ride to see what will happen.

We take a break from Damien and his little apartment of horrors and see what the other characters are up to. Ann takes her dagger to a man and asks him to destroy it. She may be scared that John will try to use it against Damien and she will lose him. I still can’t tell if she loves Damien for Damien or because of him being the antichrist or if it is some kind of combination. The daggers can’t even be scratched though and Ann seems unsurprised. Maybe she was only curious if they could be destroyed by such a common way.

Amani also gets plenty of screen time this episode. He is searching for who ransacked Damien’s apartment. A security guard lets him see footage and he not only sees the thugs, but also his newest girlfriend Veronica calling the shots. He is furious and confronts her about it. She tries to tell him she’s not like her mother, but Amani will hear none of it. He breaks things off and threatens her if her or her mother continue trying to mess with Damien. Looks like Amani is going to get one of those ten crowns if he keeps this up and lives.

Later Simone invites Amani over and he is introduced to Sister Greta. He reveals what he found out about Veronica, but Greta urges him to get back with her and find out all the information he can. Amani seems very reluctant about her and this plan. I don’t blame him. He is a war photographer looking out for his friend, not a spy.

We go back to Damien who leaves his apartment to go find Powell. Shay is in his car watching and means to follow but his vehicle suddenly fails. He can’t get it to start and he can’t get the door open. A fire starts up in the engine and he is forced to shoot the window out and is able to crawl out just in time when the car is completely engulfed in flames. The dark force seriously doesn’t like Shay.

Damien arrives in the middle of the woods to an old trailer. Inside is Powell and he reveals to Damien that he did kill Cray but it was for him. He sounds like the others who proclaim their love for Damien and that what they do is for him. I think his ‘love’ for Damien is also a part of this, or he has mixed it up with it so much Powell can’t tell the difference anymore. He mentions being hurt that Damien didn’t visit him after his accident in school and that he has killed others for Damien. Who remains a mystery as Damien realizes Powell must be stopped. They get into a one sided fight where Damien beats Powell almost to death. It’s the first time Damien has been proactively violent towards anyone. This was an amazing scene, Bradley James and Joe Doyle did a great job.

Skipping back to Shay who sees his traumatized or evil-fied son drawing a picture of a car on fire when he gets a call that an anonymous tip stated where Powell was located. He rushes to the trailer where he finds no Damien, but a severely beaten Powell. Shay asks him who did this, but Powell will only say ‘The Devil.’

Not a acupuncture technique I would recommend

We find out that Damien has went in for an emergency session with Dr. Matthews. She seems shocked by his admittance of almost killing someone, but points out that he did stop. Damien isn’t sure if stopping was the right thing to do though. Is it right to kill an evil man? Or does killing him make you just as bad as the killer? It’s a great question that not only hearkens back to the beginning of the episode, but also to a central theme of this entire season. Can you do bad things for good or good things for bad? Damien is very confused about if he is in charge or the evil inside. Dr. Matthews again tells him the fact he is struggling means he has the upper hand.

Next we find Veronica telling Ann what’s happened and Ann tells her to tail them and fix this situation. She ends up following Simone and Sister Greta into a church. The three after some spooky skulking around end up in a stand off as Veronica has pulled out her gun. Greta wrestles with her and Veronica ends up shot in the abdomen. Way to take care of things Veronica. There is also a statue of the mother Mary who looks almost joyful at the events. I love all the imagery and shots in each episode. I can’t wait to rewatch them and pick it all out.

Damien returns to his apartment and Amani shows up. He still acts very cool with him, but Amani fesses up about Veronica and apologizes as he didn’t know who she was at first. That he was in with Ann, but it was unintentional. Damien forgives him and apologizes saying they were trying to use Amani because of him. Amani tells Damien that he is in this with him until the end. It’s very sweet and loyal of Amani. I hope he doesn’t die because of it.

The final scene was amazing. We find that there is a doctor in with Powell. Shay is immediately wary as there was no call for one and he rushes to where Powell is being held in the station. We find out it’s Dr. Matthews and she tells Powell how disappointed Damien is with him and that he is pathetic. Powell denies this, but she becomes more adamant as she writes in her notebook and obsessively messing with her pen. She then jumps Powell and stabs him in the neck repeatedly with the pen. Looks like the dark forces got to her too. Now was it because it wanted her to finish the job or something else? Shay bursts through the door then and shoots the doctor dead. He sees on her notebook she had repeatedly written, ‘This is Wisdom.’

This was a great turning point in the series and I can’t wait to see how the rest turns out as there are only two episodes left. Make sure to watch out for my review of the next episode, The Devil You Know out in a couple hours. Also make sure to find me on twitter, @quietlikeastorm where I am always happy to talk about Damien and lots of other shows.



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