Escape Room Book Review from @kleffnotes

Escape rooms are something I enjoy doing with my wife and prior to quarantine we often took time to try them out at various malls. We even have some tokens saved to try out an underwater themed room that is … Continue reading Escape Room Book Review from @kleffnotes

Craven Manor Book Review from @kleffnotes

Sometimes a new opportunity can change your life, but that doesn’t always mean that change will be for the better. When Daniel finds himself invited to become the new groundskeeper at a mysterious manor in a very strange way his new start is anything, but what he expected. Craven Manor is a tale of being careful what you wish for when you think you want something new. Continue reading “Craven Manor Book Review from @kleffnotes”

The Haunting of Blackwood House Book Review from @kleffnotes

Mara was raised by spiritualists and this background meant that her life has always been filled with spirits and a little bit of spookiness. She is now finally ready to start her life away from the supernatural with her fiance Neil, but her past is not ready to let go of her. The Haunting of Blackwood House shows Mara’s strong ties to the other side and how much that world doesn’t want to let her go. Continue reading “The Haunting of Blackwood House Book Review from @kleffnotes”

The House Next Door Book Review from @kleffnotes

Josephine has always thought something was wrong with the crumbling Gothic house next door especially when something very happened one night. Marwick House never seems to have people living in it for long, but what exactly is forcing them away. The family she once saw leave the home screaming and crying has her wondering just what is wrong with The House Next Door. Continue reading “The House Next Door Book Review from @kleffnotes”

The Haunting of Rookwood House Book Review from @kleffnotes

You should never look a gift horse in the mouth right? Well you might want to when that gift horse happens to be an old house that may or may not be filled with evil energy. When Guy finds the deed for a house in his mother’s attic he thinks this is the perfect opportunity, but when he arrives he may have more to worry about than the cost of renovations in The Haunting of Rookwood House. Continue reading “The Haunting of Rookwood House Book Review from @kleffnotes”

The Banana Splits Movie Review from @kleffnotes

Fall back into a nostalgic time with the return of The Banana Splits, the animal rock band that starred in The Banana Splits Adventure Hour in 1968. This cult classic returns with a gory edge in the new The Banana Splits Movie. Set in the present, the Banana Splits (Bingo, Fleegle, Snorky, and Drooper) are still filming and young Harley is ecstatic to learn that he will be going to see a live taping for his birthday. Once the show ends things take a dangerous turn as The Banana Splits learn that their show has been cancelled, but they can’t let the show come to an end. Continue reading “The Banana Splits Movie Review from @kleffnotes”

Interview with Sarah Abbott from @kleffnotes

I had the opportunity to chat with Sarah Abbott about her upcoming role in the upcoming horror film, The Silence, which debuts on Netflix on April 12th. This silent style horror movie is just one of the projects that Sarah can be seen in and she was willing to chat about a number of them. Keep an eye out for this thrilling movie. Continue reading “Interview with Sarah Abbott from @kleffnotes”

Summer of ’84 Movie Review from @kleffnotes

Set in Ipswich, Oregon in 1984, Summer of ’84 is full of eerie feelings and worried thoughts. Davey Armstrong is a 15 year old who thinks that a killer could be lurking anywhere in his suburban neighborhood. His conspiracy theories begin to come to head when he starts to suspect his own neighbor is a serial killer. Reminiscent of 1980’s classics like The Goonies, but with a Rear Window style edge, Summer of ’84 is a new movie that perfectly hits that nostalgic urge. Continue reading “Summer of ’84 Movie Review from @kleffnotes”