Craven Manor Book Review from @kleffnotes

Sometimes a new opportunity can change your life, but that doesn’t always mean that change will be for the better. When Daniel finds himself invited to become the new groundskeeper at a mysterious manor in a very strange way his new start is anything, but what he expected. Craven Manor is a tale of being careful what you wish for when you think you want something new.

When Daniel arrives for his first day as a groundskeeper he is immediately on edge. The house is abandoned and it doesn’t look like anyone has been to Craven Manor in years. With nowhere else to go he decides that he should stay, even if it means moving into the strange cottage behind the family crypt. Though it may look vacant candles appear to come to life in the windows of the tower. While it may look empty Daniel is anything but alone in this manor that hides a dark secret.

As the story progresses we see Daniel trying to understand just what he has gotten himself into. There are very few options for him at this moment and it seems as though this house is all he really has. The shadows have their secrets and he has found himself caught up in them. If you are a fan of horror this is definitely a read that you need to check out. Daniel must cope with everything that is happening and how he ultimately ends up may surprise some readers. You can find out more about Darcy Coates and her books on her website.

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