The Carrow Haunt Book Review from @kleffnotes

Darcy Coates is a USA Today Bestselling author with an impressive assortment of horror novels that will send shivers down your spine. The Carrow Haunt is just one of these books and if it doesn’t leave you jumping at shadows and checking for ghosts in your own home then you are far more courageous than I am.

Carrow House is notoriously haunted and Remy is one of the tour guides who shares the history of this frightening place with guests. When she is asked to host a group who will be staying for a full week she is eager to finally experience some of the frights that others have. While she goes in with a desire to see the supernatural a storm changes everything. With the guests unable to get in contact with the outside world they find themselves trapped in a house where they are no longer in control. Seances go horribly wrong, doors open on their own, and when one of the guest suddenly meets their end Remy must consider whether the original owner of the house, a noted serial killer, is back.

This frightening story drops you into a story that you can’t escape from. In a read like this you become part of the group that is stranded within the frightening home and as you continue on you will feel the dread building as things continue to go wrong. This is the perfect read for all horror fans, especially those with a penchant for haunted places. You can find out more about Darcy Coates and her books on her website.

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