The House Next Door Book Review from @kleffnotes

Josephine has always thought something was wrong with the crumbling Gothic house next door especially when something very happened one night. Marwick House never seems to have people living in it for long, but what exactly is forcing them away. The family she once saw leave the home screaming and crying has her wondering just what is wrong with The House Next Door.

The house next door to Josephine seems lifeless. The windows are dark and vacant and no voices ever seem to have drifted through the halls. She once swore she saw the silhouette of a woman pacing upstairs when there was no one living in the home, but what does this mean? When someone new moves into the house she feels herself tore between warning them against what might be lurking inside their new home and staying away from the frighting place all together. Her choice could change her life forever.

Without giving too much away I will say that Josephine does wind up involved in trying to do something with Marwick House. She finds herself trying to make the house safer and by doing this she becomes very tied to the energies that are at work in this frightening place. Her desire to help is so powerful and it pushes her to try and protect those who are directly tied to this house. I really enjoyed this read and found the house to be frightening and very eerie. This is a pitch perfect haunted house story for horror fans. You can find out more about Darcy Coates’ work on her website.

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