Battle Royale at the Hotel Cortez

Finally the hiatus is over and we can check back in to the Hotel Cortez. Yesterday’s episode titled Battle Royale started right before the big shootout scene we saw last month. Liz and Iris were preparing to take out The Countess and then we were headed to the bedroom.

Donovan protected the woman he loved, but paid for it with his life. He stayed alive long enough to beg his mom to get him out of the Hotel. Liz and Iris dragged him to the curb so he wouldn’t be trapped for eternity and he even called Iris mom before he died. The Countess though is in pretty rough shape, Sally is nursing her back to health with her needle skills. We then get a Sally flashback showing her when she was a drug dealer and song writer. It’s a lot of sex and drugs and grunge. Sally sewed herself to the two musicians she loved and because her skills were so good she was trapped next to their corpses for five days when they ODed. The eyeless man came and tortured her for the last three and she finally pulled herself free. After hearing the story Sally tells The Countess she wants John back for eternity. The Countess though needs vampire blood and with Donovan dead her options are remarkably limited.

John and Alex are restarting their family, though Scarlet is very sure that it isn’t going to be okay. While they rebuild, Sally brought The Countess two of her children to feed from, even though she fought against it she’s much too sick not to. Sally hooked her up through IVs while the children laid with her. They will probably die trying to save her. Liz cremated Donovan and gave him to Iris, which was pretty normal until she poured some of him out and started touching the ashes. The Countess has gotten better, but her two boys did die. Iris called for Miss Evers to vacuum up what’s left of Donovan, she is completely covered in him, which doesn’t seem to be bothering her and headed up to the roof.

Liz and Iris have decided to call in the biggest gun they can and release Ramona from her prison. What they weren’t expecting to find were the corpses of a bunch of baby vamps and The Countess’ most recent matrimonial acquisition. Ramona thinks they are there to kill her and she really wants to eat Iris, but Liz tries to smooth over the situation. Liz and Iris are on snack patrol and Queenie from Coven just happens to be waiting in the lobby. Seriously Queenie not just a character being played by Gabourey Sidibe. Ramona attacks her, but our human voodoo doll fights back, until Mr. March appears. Turns out you can’t spell a dead man and Ramona gets a very magical dinner. Mr. March needs Ramona to kill The Countess in the hotel so she’ll be trapped forever with him. John is on his way home with takeout for Alex and Holden, but finds out his captive cuisine is going to go to waste once he sees a Hotel Cortez key in the house.

He checks back in and finds Sally waiting for him. She says that March wants him to make one last kill, specifically for the commandment Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder. Ramona is now back and ready to kill in one of Liz’s outfit. While weak The Countess is back in her own room and starts talking to Ramona about blood and what she’s eaten that makes her look so gorgeous. Instead of getting into a knock down, drag out brawl the two chat. The Countess believes that she is a curse to those around her and she wants to leave the Hotel. She’s willing to give it to Ramona and while she talks about how much she wants to leave the two kiss. The Countess then says that Ramona can kill her as long as they have sex first. We leave the room, but next we see The Countess she’s in an elevator with her bags packed. John is waiting for her and shoots her point blank and removes her head for the trophy room. Mr. March is ecstatic about his choice, and when Sally tries to kill John Mr. March stops her. He wants him alive and out in the world committing murder.

Mr. March and Miss Evers are discussing when they realized they were ghosts for the first time. He wants to help ensure that The Countess transitions easily, he looks very nervous about the entire thing. She says that she doesn’t feel anything. Mr. March then says that he forgives her for turning him over to the police, but when she says she didn’t do it, Miss Evers goes a bit hysterical and reveals that she left evidence so that the police would find him and they could die together. She emotionally expresses her love for him, but Mr. March banishes her from his presence. Miss Evers leaves, it appears she will be taking solace in her stains instead of focusing on her feelings for Mr. March. While Mr. March is relishing in The Countess’ presence, she is not taking this new state of life well at all.

I’m a little bit irked by how Queenie was added to this season. I loved her character and it seems like she was just sort of thrown in to die. This definitely did feel like a build up to the finale with all the plots sort of nearing their ends. I’m looking forward to seeing how it will all tie up next week.

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