The Physical and Emotional Torture of #Supernatural ‘s Sam Winchester

“Being a hunter isn’t a job, it’s life” -Sam Winchester, “Jump The Shark”

Supernatural’s Sam Winchester has given up a lot for his life as a hunter. Starting with when he was just six months old, Sam loss his mother when she was killed by Azazel a.k.a The Yellow Eyed Demon.  Then 22 years later to the day, his girlfriend, Jessica suffered the same fate. Every time Sam tried to live a normal life, first with Jessica and then with Amelia, he was constantly pulled back into the hunter world.

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The pain Sam has endured is both physical and emotional.  There is no way to count the many times he has been beaten and nearly choked to death.  Additionally, he has died and gone to Hell where his physical pain took on a whole new level at the hands of  being tortured by Lucifer and Michael in The Cage.

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Upon Sam’s return from Hell, Dean noticed that Sam was different.  It was later revealed that Sam came back without his soul.  For Sam, being without a soul improved his hunter skills “I’m a better hunter than I’ve ever been”, he told Dean in “You Can’t Handle The Truth”.  Additionally, as an emotionally shell, Sam could no longer feel. For a guy who had experienced sorrow his entire life, this was a refreshing change.

I know I speak for many Sam Winchester’s fans when I say my heart breaks for him when I think about all he has been put through. It seemed as though every time he wanted to do something good, it turned out badly for Sam and he was the one put through the ringer.  In Season 4, Sam began drinking demon blood to stop Lilith and what happens? He gets addicted and is locked in Bobby’s panic room in “When The Levee Breaks” to detox.


It’s really sad that a nice guy like Sam Winchester seems to always even up in pain, in one form or another.  But that’s the burden of being a hero.  Your life is only valuable through the sacrifices that you make.


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