Final Stay at the Hotel Cortez

This is my final AHS Hotel review and I’m pretty sad to see this show go. I’ve really enjoyed this season, even if I did have some issues with some plot things. Overall though I really have been enjoying myself on Wednesday nights. Congrats to Lady Gaga on her Golden Globe! Now let’s get to the review, I’m writing it as I watch the show, just fyi.

The episode opened with me freaking the freak out, seriously you can’t start with Liz getting sliced. Now I’m super uncomfortable and upset. Reviewers have arrived and the Hotel needs four stars to keep going. Liz and Iris have been changing as much as they can, but Sally won’t let the Hotel go. She kills one reviewer with a lethal overdose and Will just stabbed the other, apparently he likes this murder game. Liz and Iris are super upset, mostly about the stains and the lack of living guests. It’s time for a hotel meeting everyone!

Marcy wants her privacy for erotica reading, the tourists are dating a shirtless ghost (he might be the porn star, but I’m having an issue placing his face), and no one wants to stop killing. Will and Sally are the only ones actually killing people it turns out, since everyone else is more interested in hanging out for eternity. Mr. March says that they need to stop killing, though Sally says that’s like Colonel Sanders telling them to stop eating fried chicken, which Mr. March is super confused by. He wants to ensure they all get to stay where they are instead of having to meet their maker. He then insists that they all must listen to him and he wants them to get the Hotel made a national landmark, but they have to wait it out until 2026. Mr. March even threatens Sally with the creepy skin man if she defies him.

Iris is trying to smooth things over with the ghosts, but Sally isn’t falling for it. The two wind up having a much more intense heart to heart, where Iris does apologize for the whole window murder thing. She tells Sally that she can find her a better life, which involves using the Hotel’s brand new free wi-fi. Sally’s getting social media! Iris says she’ll never be alone because she’ll always have the internet. She becomes a social media icon, with everyone flocking to here. Will is irritated about his death and he’s trying to understand what’s going on by talking with Liz. She says that as long as his son flourishes than Will always matters. He though doesn’t want his son to come to the Hotel because of how full of death it is. Liz says that he can reinvent himself and tells him to create and be part of the world, even if he’s dead.

Liz becomes his voice before the board of his fashion house, they even had official documents made so that she could become the head of the company. Will worked on his designs, and the ghosts even modeled for him. All events were in the Hotel and Liz used it to add an air of mystery. She though wasn’t enjoying it as much as she hoped because it all made her miss Tristan. Iris hired Billie Dean, the psychic Sarah Paulson played in Murder House, to track down Tristan. He’s in the Hotel somewhere, but they can’t find him. She starts talking to him for Liz, but he just says no. He doesn’t want to talk to Liz, which is heartbreaking. Liz blames herself for his death, and while Billie Dean says love doesn’t kill, Liz says that’s not true. Donovan is able to talk to Iris and says he loves her and that where he is it always smells like her blueberry pancakes.

Liz got to meet her daughter-in-law and was at the birth of her granddaughter Isabelle. After the birth Liz reveals that she found out she has cancer, but while Ramona offers to turn her she says she can’t do it. She plans to die in the Hotel so that her family can keep visiting her for eternity. Here grand plan is to have the ghosts of the Hotel kill her, she provides them with the weapons and says she wants to be with them forever. The Countess appears, apparently for the first time since she died, and says that Liz was always her fondest creation. She wanted to help her transition and tearfully the room watches as she slashes her throat. Tristan then appears for the first time and says that Liz had more to live, but she says he was worth dying for. It was so sweet, oh my gosh they are adorable. I love Liz!

We jump to 2022 and we have a girl booked in Room 44, based on Billie Dean’s show. Ramona and Iris discuss closing the Hotel, until John shows up. He was found out as the Ten Commandments Killer, and she tries to contact him every year. He wants to get rid of her. They book her in his room, and she starts filming. She starts interviewing him about his family. He ran, but the entire family wound up going back to the Cortez when Scarlet said they needed to. Scarlet was sent to live a normal life, but John stayed in L.A. to keep killing the people he felt deserved it. The added aspect though was him collecting the blood for Alex and Holden. He was caught out one night and though he tried to get into the Hotel he couldn’t. This means that he can only visit the Hotel once a year for Devil’s Night. John invites Billie Dean to see something remarkable, which should scare her a lot.

Billie Dean starts comparing the Hotel Cortez to the Murder House, apparently the ghost chatter is much louder here than there. Dahmer apparently has a huge crush on John, but that doesn’t freak her out, heck none of this is apparently freaking her out. I still don’t like The Zodiac Killer in this show, sorry, it just drives me nuts that he looks like the Black Knight from Monty Python. Billie Dean indulges in some absinthe and says that she can see his victims’ deaths. She says it’s like a feeling, more than a real image. She finally becomes overwhelmed and faints a bit, which is dangerous in a room full of killers. They threaten to kill her if she doesn’t leave the Hotel alone. Ramona says that if she doesn’t leave them alone she’ll hunt her down and kill her because she’s the only one who can actually leave the Hotel still.  Scarlet came to the Hotel to she him, Alex, and Holden and every year they sleep in the family bed until John disappears at dawn.

The Countess flirts at the bar with a young man who has come to the Hotel because he heard it was haunted. It looks like she is planning on making a new lover for the rest of eternity. That poor man, with his jawline for days. And that’s the end folks!

I really enjoyed the finale and this season really drew me back into the AHS fold. I’m excited for the next season and to see what gets connected from the seasons again. If you want to share your thoughts on the finale you can comment below or tweet at us, @thenerdygirlexp. You can also tweet at me, @kleffnotes, or find me on my blog,, and my kleffnotes YouTube channel.

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