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I didn’t think the episode, The Devil You Know, could top the drama of last week, but I was very, very, wrong. Spoilers for episode nine!

Some time has passed as we see that Ann is looking for a missing Veronica. She has her men on it, but so far they are unsuccessful. We also find Damien confessing all to Amani. Amani doesn’t want to believe it and thinks there must be a rational explanation for it all. He sounds a lot like Kelly did. I hope he doesn’t find any holes around. Amani thinks he should meet with Sister Greta, but Damien doesn’t want to because he doesn’t think the church will accept him. Plus Ann is the ‘devil he knows.’ He does ask Amani to get back with Veronica though, so he can have a man on the inside. I thought it very interesting that Greta asked the same thing of him, but for the opposite side. Amani reluctantly agrees and we later see him trying to call her when he is suddenly kidnapped by masked men and thrown in a van.

Meanwhile Simone and Greta are trying to save a wounded Veronica. They seem to have different ideas of how to do this as Simone wants to take her to a hospital, but Greta seems more interested in her soul. Simone is distressed by Greta’s refusal to help Veronica, but instead interrogates her further. Veronica refuses to talk though and explains that she is their only bargaining chip with Ann Rutledge. Simone then gets a call from Damien asking to meet Greta. Simone tries to talk him out of it, but can’t say much as Greta is staring at her and urging her to say yes. A meeting is set up. Like Simone, I am getting a worse and worse feeling about Greta. Not that I ever thought she would be on Damien’s side, but I thought she might be more conflicted when she realizes how conflicted Damien is about all of this.

We find out that it was Ann who had Amani kidnapped. They have some words as love is not lost between either of them. Ann seems to have the upper hand, but realizes what Amani says is true that if anything happens to him and Damien finds out he will flip out over it. Ann finally gets him to admit he went to meet Sister Greta and convinces Amani to tell her where they are, because Greta can only mean bad news for Damien. Amani only agrees because he fears for Damien now. I don’t know how Damien will feel about them showing up together.

Not the usual way people collect pictures of Bradley James

Sister Greta locks Simone in the room with Veronica to make sure the two don’t escape. They are still able to though and end up slowly going through the woods. More on them later.

Damien and Greta finally meet. She is very motherly to him which Damien responds well to. He even shows her his mark of the beast and about all the things he has seen. In a flip of the start where Damien was loud and abrasive over faith, he is now much quieter and confused. He still states he only believes what he has saw, but you can tell his view on the world and the supernatural has been shaken. Greta tells him the seven veterans he saw at the hospital was actually the seven headed dragon from revelations. She tells him he is not the son of the devil, but God’s child. He asks if she can help and Greta says yes by purging him of the demon inside. She then proceeds to stab him with one of the daggers of Maggido. Looks like Greta is also going with the ‘devil she knows’ and refuses to see Damien in another light.

We take a break from this intense drama to go to Shay who is completely loosing it. He has his badge and gun taken when he insists that these deaths are Damien’s fault and his only evidence is feeling a darkness follow him. He then breaks into Damien’s apartment and we all find out that the darkness is the best security system ever as it proceeds to scare the crap out of Shay by using creepy images and his kid’s voice. Shay goes back home and his husband sees all the crazy coming out as Shay is trying to piece together this case around Damien. Shay doesn’t tell him about being suspended, but does try to say that he and their son Jacob are in danger. His husband doesn’t believe him though and the two go upstairs. The hellhounds then haunt Shay some more and I fear the man is really going to lose it soon and I don’t know who will get hurt.

Back to Damien we see Greta has had him tied up with thorny vines, because the church loves a good tradition. I found the next scene disturbing as I felt it was cruel of Greta to do with no larger purpose than to just see. She takes the dagger and peels back part of Damien’s scalp where the mark is. She sees that the mark is also imprinted on his skull. Afterwards her and her dark hooded minions lower Damien into a grave to help purge him of the darkness. Damien starts screaming down there because who wouldn’t and because he keeps seeing terrifying demons coming out of the dark and dirt at him.

The screaming is what Simone hears and she has to go see about Damien. She leaves Veronica in the woods alone and I felt the scary movie trope closing in on her. First Veronica’s flashlight fails, then she falls down a hill off the path. Then everything went evil dead as the darkness for some reason, had a vine go through her wound and out her mouth, killing her. A short time later help arrives with Ann, Amani and and Ann’s army of bodyguards. Ann and Amani looked shocked when they find Veronica. I wonder if Amani believes Damien now?

Happy Arbor Day!

I also do appreciate the nods to other scary stories and tropes within the show. It makes it really fun to watch.

Simone reaches Damien, but the minions keep her back as she yells for him. This seems to break Damien out of his nightmare daze and we hear a beastly roar come from the grave. Damien then rises up, free of the thorns and looking pissed. I was legitimately frightened by the faces Bradley James was making. Not that I could blame him as Damien should be angry for coming to Greta for help and she stabs him, tortures him and tries to save his soul in the cruelest possible way it seems.

Greta brandishes the dagger at Damien, but he is easily able to turn it and stabs Greta instead. It is much like the wound Veronica had and I don’t think that is a coincidence. I was also flipping out over Damien doing this. Was it the beast? Was it Damien? Has he been changed now? Who is in control? It’s not answered as Damien walks away then, grabbing Simone as he goes.

So what will the next episode bring? It’s the season finale so make sure to watch it! I will be traveling but will try and tune in and live tweet with everyone for the last #DevilsNight for now. My handle on twitter is @quietlikeastorm and you can also join fellow nerdy girl Kat @kleffnotes. The finale comes on tonight on A&E at 10:00PM/ET.


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