@AustinBasis :From Spruce to JT – Why Fans Love Austin via @stacyamiller85

I have been a fan of Austin Basis since April 24, 2008 when I first seen him in the Supernatural episode “Ghostfacers” where he played Kenny Spruce. There was just something about this actor that drew me in.

After Supernatural, I followed Austin’s career.  He next played Math in the critically acclaimed but short-lived series Life Expected.  It was then that I realized why I liked Austin Basis so much. Through his characters you could feel his sensitivity. Here was someone who cared. Austin is that guy you want as a friend, a person who isn’t afraid to show emotion.

But it was his role as JT Forbes in The CW’s Beauty and the Beast that opened Austin to a whole unique fan base. Called “Beasties,” these fans are passionate for Beauty and the Beast and Austin himself.  Austin shows his full support for the show and fans. He is very active on social media, proving that he values the fans. Austin gives birthday greetings and offers comments on Twitter daily. There aren’t many actors who do this. But this is just who Austin Basis is.

Austin suffers from Type 1 Diabetes and helps to promote awareness of the disease through his involvement as an activist.  His caring heart refuses to let him sit on the sidelines.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Austin in 2015.  It was one of the most enjoyable conversations. I know I speak for many fans of Austin Basis when I say it’s easy to support this actor and an honor to be a fan.

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