She Gets Revenge on AHS: Hotel

The latest episode of American Horror Story Hotel, She Gets Revenge, aired last night. This is one of the few shows not on hiatus that I watch so I was exceptionally excited to be able to watch it this week. This season of AHS has been crazy with murders, psychotic episodes, crazy baby vampires, and the ghosts of the Hotel Cortez’s past. This episode was no exception.

It opens with Liz Taylor talking about how everything that might seem new and wonderful will eventually fade away. We then get to see the many people who have visited the Hotel. We see a parade of drug dealers, May December romances, and a couple who are remarkably in love, but have come to end their lives. Iris and Liz talk over the bodies of the deceased elderly couple and while Iris complains about how difficult it will be to clean the room, Liz expresses how she feels as though she will never feel happy again. She wants to kill herself, but Iris talks her out of it, after reminding her that she’ll never be able to leave the Hotel if she dies here. Iris tells her to take care of her unfinished business, Liz wants to make everything right with her son, and then the two of them will end it together. Iris says that though she felt reborn that without Donovan she doesn’t want to go on.

Miss Evers is scheduling a stay for Liz Taylor’s son over the phone, which leads to the reveal that Liz hasn’t seen her son in 31 years. Our lovely maid warns her that she is expecting her son to be very understanding and that perhaps her son will not understand the changes his father has made. Miss Evers though says that she doesn’t care about Liz’s decisions, but that she should be prepared. She is an old soul, who apparently made the phone call in exchange for oxygen boosted detergent.

John has been a busy man and apparently killed a group of alternative worshipers to steal their ears as they heard other gods. Donovan has broken into the Valentino room to confront Rudolf and The Countess is with Natacha. Both Valentinoes are armed, but they apparently didn’t get the don’t bring a knife to a gun fight memo. Donovan shot up Rudolf, he destroyed his face even though he insists he has way better cheekbones.

Mr. March burns one of his contractors alive, which John walks in on. He then explains that his hunting ground has been limited due to his death. He also doesn’t think spouses are worth having, though he does wind up telling John where Alex is. The Lowes hash out some of their issues, mostly the “you told me I hallucinated my son when he was really alive” thing and they finally mention the fact that Scarlett exists and they should probably take care of her, or just abandon her at her grandma’s, you know whichever works. She then tells him about the hoard of vampire children she accidentally created and that if she doesn’t stop them that The Countess will kill her and Holden. John instantly insists that he will help.

Liz’s son has arrived and comes to the bar. The two of them spend time chatting and Liz learns that her son is married, but is having a tough time of it. He wants to start a kayak company in Boulder, Colorado, which his wife thinks is a great idea. Liz doesn’t tell him who she is, though the two mention meeting up again. John and Alex go looking for the baby vamp hoard, but it doesn’t go smoothly. One of the girls is actually very sick and dies while they are there.

The Countess is taking to the police about Will, she has reported him missing. One downside to killing your new hubby in the Hotel is that he has the ability to show up whenever he wants. Will appears and tells the cops he isn’t dead, but instead was lost in the hotel. While she isn’t in Will’s will, The Countess is his son’s legal guardian and thus has full access to his inheritance. He finally figures out that his bride is a vampire. For good measure Mr. March appears to tell The Countess that he had told her not to kill Will in the Hotel. Alex and John have moved the children into the locked section of the Hotel and though they offered to feed them it looks like the kids are doomed, especially when Ramona appears.

Alex and John hooked up after locking the undead kids away. When she leaves Sally appears and confronts John about their relationship. He insists that they were never going to stay together, but Sally has other ideas. Though it looks like the two of them are going to get horizontal, John insists that they stop. Sally says that Alex will never understand him the way she does. John leaves, but only after Sally tries to choke him. She then comes after him with a knife and insists that John will come back.

Liz and Iris bought Miss Evers a washer/dryer unit to thank her for helping with the meeting with her son. While Iris and Liz were discussing how to die, Miss Evers informs Liz that her son is waiting downstairs. After learning that she’s helped her son decide to get his dream job, Liz starts to reveal who she really is. It turns out her son already knew who she was and while he’s hurt by the fact that she left, he says he sees that people are all a bit messed up and that he promised his wife that he would make things right with his dad. He wants to build a relationship with Liz, which is wonderful.

Donovan and The Countess are having dinner and she reveals that she had Ramona eat Will. He’s upset that she hate watched without him, but she promises to let him watch another one. She asks him to get Will’s body and put Ramona back in the iron maiden, but then he tells her that he has a mess for her to clean up too. The next time we see The Countess she’s crying over Valentino’s body.

Liz goes to see Iris, who has been prepping for their suicide plan with a buffet of weapons. She also made a tribute video for herself that she shares with Liz, it’s rather adorable. Liz tells Iris that her son wants to have a relationship and she wants to be able to enjoy that. Iris still wants to kill herself, but Liz begins a fabulous speech about how as women of a certain age that they should take over. She wants to take over the Hotel and make it something fabulous.

Alex and John go to see Holden and they have a very emotional reunion. He tells him that they are all going to go home, but nothing is ever that easy. Sally appears and insists that she’s going to kill John. Donovan is dancing to Hotline Bling, which is totally not something I expected to happen at all. The Countess though appears with tears in her eyes, which definitely puts a damper on the partying. She’s surprised he didn’t run, but Donovan says that she would have found him anyway. He says that now Valentino is free and that he knows what this means for him. The Countess insists that he could never have been like Valentino, even though she tried to make him like the man she loved. He wants to die by her hand because it’s the only way that she’ll let him love her. Iris and Liz appear literal guns a blazing and start shooting up the room where The Countess and Donovan are embracing. And that’s were it ends.

The ending of this episode was literally the most amazing thing I have ever seen in any season of AHS ever. I can’t wait for the show to be back to see what happened. Hotel will be back Wednesday, January 6th.

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