#JanetheVirgin Chapter Thirty Remain Calm and Let’s Talk About It S2Ep8 Review via @stacyamiller85 @CWJanetheVirgin @HereIsGina

Viewers have learned many things about Jane the Virgin’s Jane Villanueva in two seasons but in the mid season finale “Chapter Thirty” we learned something that may have surprised some of us – Jane has issues with anger management.  This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode, please do not continue reading.

It could not have been easy being accidentally inseminated and accepting the change her life path took.  I give Jane credit for the way she has handled the situation.  There were many times when Jane showed anger and frustration that I really thought she would explode in a full rage of temper but for the most part, she seemed in control. So imagine my surprise when the mid season finale focused on Jane’s never before mentioned issues of anger management. I always saw Jane as the calm voice of reason so her struggle with anger management seemed to me like a plot device.  But if you think about the type of personality Jane has, an issue with temper seems perfectly logical. After all, Jane is a detailed orientated perfectionist so if things sway off course, she would have exploding frustration a.k.a anger.

I think the writers made a clever choice exploring this aspect of Jane’s personality. We learned that her temper was something Jane has had since childhood and was even prone to throwing tantrums at a young age.  The reasoning influence of her Abruela helped Jane to put things into focus.  I especially loved the anger management tool Alba developed to help Jane. Seeing the normally in control Jane getting set off by everything helped to relate to her as a person with flaws. The visual effect of smoke coming from her ears to illustrate she was steaming mad and Jane snapping at the mall store Santa were hilarious. In the hands of any other actress, these scenes would have come off as extremely cartoonish.  But as played by Gina Rodriguez, they just added another layer to Jane. Her Golden Globe and Critic’s Choice nominations are well deserved.

After a heated conversation via messaging regarding which parent would get Mateo for his first Christmas, Jane and Rafael decided on therapy.  Jane and Rafael got to see themselves through each other’s eyes during a reverse role-playing exercise.

If Jane and Rafael can work out their issues of anger and annoyance, they will be better parents to Mateo.

As the season progresses, I’m sure that Jane and Rafael will have many more situations that will test their ability to control their anger. Hopefully, they will be able to find a way to remain calm and work through their disagreements. And if all else fails, Jane needs to remember CALM (Cheese, Abruela, Lists and Mateo).

Jane the Virgin returns with new episodes January 25, 2016 on The CW.

Jane The Virgin — “Chapter Nineteen” — Image Number: JAV119b_0303.jpg — Pictured: (L-R): Justin Baldoni as Rafael and Gina Rodriguez as Jane — Photo: Greg Gayne /The CW — © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

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