1922 on @Netflix by @erinwise82


Based on a Stephen King novella, 1922 tells the gruesome tale of a farmer’s confession of killing his wife…..and the terror that followed. Continue reading “1922 on @Netflix by @erinwise82”

DEMONS Review @uncorkdent by @erinwise82

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a good old fashioned exorcism, so why not try out this spooktastic film from Uncork’d Ent. & Historia Films. Starring Andrew Divoff (Wishmaster), John Schneider (Smallville), Lindsay Anne Williams (The Hollow), Steven Brand (Hellraiser: Revelations), Kristina Emerson (NCIS:New Orleans), and Gary Grubbs (Free State of Jones). Continue reading “DEMONS Review @uncorkdent by @erinwise82”

Are You Going to #WishCon?

Here at the Nerdy Girl Express we bring you a daily dose of nerdy info about all our favorite shows, movies, books, comics and more. We are pleased to be able to now tell you about an amazing new convention that is happening that you can be a part of right now from the ground up. This is for fans, vendors, press, volunteers and everyone else interested. It’s called the Women In Sci-Fi and Horror Convention or WishCon for short. Its main objective is to celebrate and showcase the women in front of and behind your favorite sci-fi, fantasy and horror television genres, but all creations are welcome. This con has a lot going for it even though it is brand new. Let me tell you all about it as there is a ton of ground to cover. Continue reading “Are You Going to #WishCon?”

You’re Such a Doll, Such a Creepy, Creepy Doll

I recently watched Child’s Play for the first time and was surprised by how creepy the original Chucky was. I’ve seen Seed of Chucky and one of the sequels, honestly not sure which one, and while having a doll come to life and murder people is a bit terrifying, I was super freaked out by the original version of Chucky. Continue reading “You’re Such a Doll, Such a Creepy, Creepy Doll”

Reflect on Just How Creepy These Things Are

A couple of weeks ago I discussed how terrifying ventriloquist dummies are and I had hoped to do another “things Katherine is afraid of” article before Halloween, but over at The Nerdy Girl Express Halloween we’ll just be spooky all year round. Today I will terrify and intrigue you with something I think is too creepy to keep in my room, though you might think they are totally okay.

Continue reading “Reflect on Just How Creepy These Things Are”