But He Wasn’t There…

Have you ever had an experience that you couldn’t be explained? Something so strange that you still can’t explain it? An event that kind of rocked you to your core?

When I was 16, I met this boy, Eric, I was absolutely head over heels for. I spent all my free time with him. Not long after we started dating, he introduced me to his family. He had a twin sister Dawn and an older brother Jed, that were really nice and fun to hang out with. One night Dawn and Jed suggested we invite some people over and have a little get together so I could meet everyone and vice versa.

People started coming over, all smiles and hugs. Everyone was happy, having a great time. After a bit, we started cooking on the grill; a nice good old fashioned cookout. This couple came in right before the food was finished. My boyfriend introduced me to them, Dino and Jenni. As Dino and my boyfriend started talking Jenni pulled me over to Dawn and a couple other girls, Shauna and Heidi. They were all gabbing away as I just stood there and listened, getting familiar with everyone. It didn’t take long for me to join right in to their conversations.

Not long after that, we all ate and went back to gabbing. While sitting at a table talking with Jenni, Jeb, Eric, and Dawn, I started to get this strange feeling. I really can’t explain the feeling, it was like I was floating outside of myself. Sort of like someone was sitting in my body with me, whispering secrets in my ear. As Jenni and Dawn were talking I suddenly knew things about them. Or I thought I did, something told me I did.

Curious if what I knew was right, I got the courage to ask somethings. I asked Jenni if she had a brother, a brother who was no longer with her. She looked at me shocked, she didn’t speak a word, she just shook her head yes. I looked at Dawn and said to her, he was your best friend, his name is John, he was in love with you but you never returned those type of feelings. Dawn’s mouth hit the floor, she stuttered how, how did you know that. I had no idea how I knew these things, I didn’t know why I was saying most of what I was saying. Not believing what he was hearing, Jeb asked me where John had lived. I remember sitting there for a minute then pointing to the house behind the house we were at. The color seemed to drain from everyone’s faces. Believe me when I say I just just as shocked as they were. But I felt this person with me, I could not see him but I could feel him, almost as if he was the one speaking.

Jenni spoke up and looked me dead in the eyes and asked point blank, how did he die? I shouldn’t have known, I didn’t know him and I had just met her. I did know. I repeated what I knew. I told her how he was driving down the main road with his girlfriend as the passenger, that they got a flat tire and he pulled over in a bad neighborhood. As he got back in the car, after changing the tire, a man came up and put a gun to the back of his head. The man didn’t rob him, he just shot him and ran. The girlfriend was left unharmed. Jenni said I was right but then asked what happened after that. I told her the police wrote it off as gang violence, case closed…for the time being. A couple of weeks after that incident, the girlfriend was riding in another car with a male and they lost control of the car on a bridge and crashed into the water. Both of them died. When they recovered the car, they found something interesting…the gun that had killed John, Jenni’s brother. Everyone around the table was in total disbelief, as was I. Jenni verified everything I said was true and accurate. To this day I still wonder if it was Jenni’s brother whispering in my ear or speaking through me. I also have wondered if it was John hat made the car wreck off the bridge. It was deemed by the police that the girlfriend and her lover had set John up. I’ve often wondered, why me, why did you talk through me, why get me involved in that horrible incident?? I’ll never get those answers I’m sure. It was probably the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me.

This is a true story of what happened to me 17 years ago, I know it seems odd and strange it was to me as well.

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