You’re Such a Doll, Such a Creepy, Creepy Doll

I recently watched Child’s Play for the first time and was surprised by how creepy the original Chucky was. I’ve seen Seed of Chucky and one of the sequels, honestly not sure which one, and while having a doll come to life and murder people is a bit terrifying, I was super freaked out by the original version of Chucky.

While watching the original I was okay until his face started moving. Whatever work they did to create a moving face for him was horrifying. It just moved in ways that I was not okay with. Besides that watching his fingers move was just unnerving. Somehow I expected them to move more like human hands, but the use of clay or whatever substance made them pliable, made his movements seem not quite human enough. The ending of the movie was the creepiest part, I mean he gets pretty much incinerated, but this burnt husk of a doll just keeps moving, even when it doesn’t have a head! I honestly didn’t expect him to be that creepy so kudos on the spook factor there guys.


After watching this movie I started thinking about other creepy dolls and two came to mind immediately. I know I mentioned The Twilight Zone in my post about ventriloquist dummies, which are still the creepiest things ever in my opinion, and the series also has a pretty creepy doll. Talky Tina makes her appearance in the episode, Living Doll. A newly remarried mother buys her daughter a new doll, Talky Tina, to help her deal with her new stepfather. He is not fond of the daughter and winds up disliking the doll even more. Tina eventually tells him that she is going to kill him. Throughout the episode we see Tina say and do some very undoll like things, primarily talk to the father when she shouldn’t be able to. She eventually kills the father by causing him to trip down a flight of stairs. She’s more covert in her murderous actions than Chucky.

Talky Tina

Another doll I thought of was Annabelle, though not the creepy puppet looking doll from the recent movie. No, I thought of the doll that inspired the movie. Late one night my sister and I were watching Mysteries at the Museum and one episode mentioned a doll that had been considered the reason for a number of mysterious deaths. Unlike the doll in the movie, this Annabelle is a rather unassuming Raggedy Ann doll. She currently is inside a glass case in an occult museum in Monroe, Connecticut. The fact that the original was so ordinary looking made the entire story even creepier.

Raggedy Ann

I’m not exceptionally afraid of dolls, but sometimes they do give me the shivers. If you’d like to share your feelings about dolls or anything else that creeps you out you can comment below or tweet at us, @thenerdygirlexp. You can also tweet at me, @kleffnotes, find me on my blog,, YouTube, kleffnotes, or on Periscope, @kleffnotes.

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