You’re a Knicks Fan?

What did you think of this week’s iZombie?

The show picked up right where it left off the previous week, with the kiss heard round the world! Of course Liv had to go and ruin the moment and on top of it, friend zoned Major. Talk about Majorly crushed! I think we were all feeling the look on his face.


Now on to the brains…..breakfast of champions…brain omelet. These brain meals are starting to look tastier and tastier. I know it made me extremely hungry.

Peewee basketball coach brains suited Liv very well, I thought. I loved her pep talks to Major and you could see how much they really meant to him. He almost had an Utopium slip up but thankful Liv came in just in time to prevent him from using. He’s really gotta kick that habit. Eating the coach’s brain had a couple great effects, besides the ever clever references and lines. Liv got Major back to working with kids, which he is just so good at, and might I add seeing Liv and Major coach together was totally cute, they work very well together. We also got to see more of Clive on a personal level. (About time, was sooo waiting for this) He a Knicks fan and he’s one badass dude. After finding a child abuser, Clive gives the scumbag the beat down of his life. Much needed beat down. I loved seeing the interactions with Clive and Dale. Although, I’m kinda thinking Dale may secretly be working with Max Rager!

Red Devil let Liv know she was sleeping with her hot co-worker, while Liv reveals a tad bit about her and Major. Classy Red Devil, classy. I really can’t wait for her to get hers, I hope Liv eats her brains, I’m not even gonna lie! You know, she just might when she finds out Major is the hot co-worker.


Blaine singing The Cure, epic. I swear these writers are brilliant. Ravi is quite feisty!! I loved ┬áhis and Blaine’s fight scene, I watched it a few times, as did many people. I really see these two becoming friends. How cute was Ravi’s know-it-all matter of fact banter with the other doctor. I was sitting here saying you tell him Ravi!!


Are they serious with how they left us with Liv and Major??? I was seriously holding my breath. He pours his heart out, he wants her, he didn’t care of the consequences, she made him a better person, then bam end scene. I’ll definitely be tuning in next week to see how everything unfolds. I think next week’s episode will be just as awesome as always, Liv’s gonna be gambling.

Remember kids Max Rager is bad, boycott all their products! Together we can make a difference! Zombies are people too!

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