1922 on @Netflix by @erinwise82


Based on a Stephen King novella, 1922 tells the gruesome tale of a farmer’s confession of killing his wife…..and the terror that followed.

This flick has the brilliant acting skills of Thomas Jane as Wilfred James, the dazzling Molly Parker as Arlette James, and Dylan Schmid as Henry James….just among a few…

As Wilfred pens the confession of murdering his wife, the story unfolds in front of us.

Wanting two different lives Wilfred and Arlette, cannot see eye to eye on how to proceed living together. She wants the city and a dress shop…..he wants their farm…..both want their son Henry. Neither will budge.

Using his son’s crush on the girl down the road, Wilfred enlists his son in getting rid of Arlette…that way they both get what they want.

After the act is done, Wlifred’s plagued by visions of his dead wife……and many many many rats…..

What does a man do when he has everything he wants but is drowning in his own guilt…….

Make sure to check out the creepfest on Netflix soon! Be warned…it does get quite gory!

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