Catch @TheSubmarineKid On @Netflix @FinnWittrock @EricBilitch @emiliederaven via @erinwise82 No Spoilers

Streaming Queen here to share another movie with you guys. I recently caught this movie starring Finn Wittrock(AHS), Emilie de Raven, the wonderful Nancy Travis, and my favorite “Hero” Jack Coleman, as well as many more awesome talents.

Fun fact: Finn wrote this movie with director Eric Bilitch. Continue reading “Catch @TheSubmarineKid On @Netflix @FinnWittrock @EricBilitch @emiliederaven via @erinwise82 No Spoilers”

Disney’s The Finest Hours on @Netflix via @erinwise82

Disney’s The Finest Hours is now streaming on Netflix. If you haven’t had the chance to see it, now would be a good time.

We’ve all grown up with their movies. We fall in love with their characters. Disney creates timeless classics.

When you see that Disney logo come across your screen, you know you’re about to watch magic. Continue reading “Disney’s The Finest Hours on @Netflix via @erinwise82”

“WTF Did I Just Watch?” via @erinwise82 #WhiteRabbit

Have you ever watch a movie where it left you feeling like “WTF did I just watch?”

While searching through Netflix for something to watch, I came across the movie White Rabbit. The description looked interesting, so I decided to watch it. Little did I know, this decent yet disturbing movie, sent me on a rollercoaster ride of WTF.

***Minor Spoilers*** Continue reading ““WTF Did I Just Watch?” via @erinwise82 #WhiteRabbit”

@Netflix #TheDefenders Finally Gets a Trailer at #SDCC via @quietlikeastorm

The last series that Netflix debuted at SDCC was The Defenders. For people who might only watch the shows and not read the comics, the title doesn’t give them much of a clue as to what this could be other than another Marvel superhero group. But. But. This isn’t just your ordinary team. Read more to find out why. Continue reading “@Netflix #TheDefenders Finally Gets a Trailer at #SDCC via @quietlikeastorm”

@Voltron Will Defend the Universe Once Again! @netflix Via @luckynerdgirl

“Ready to form Voltron! Activate interlocks. Dyna-therms connected! Infra-cells up; mega thrusters are go! Let’s go Voltron Force!” Do you remember these words? I certainly do. They were the words that were spoken to activate Voltron, the giant robot made … Continue reading @Voltron Will Defend the Universe Once Again! @netflix Via @luckynerdgirl