Where in the World is #CarmenSandiego? via @quietlikeastorm

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? The Nerdy Girl Express has found out! Read on to learn all about that daring lady in red.

For those who don’t know or can only vaguely remember from your candy hazed 90’s childhood, Carmen Sandiego is an infamous cartoon thief. She goes all around stealing with her criminal organization known as V.I.L.E. and running from the law all over the world. She was originally a video game character created in 1986. Carmen’s popularity has never really waned though as she has been going for over thirty years strong now.

Her lastest installment, a video game called Carmen Sandiego Returns, was released in 2015. This makes Carmen Sandiego one of longest running video games in history. To put that in perspective, the Legend of Zelda games are over 31 years old, and Sandiego is less than a year behind it. As noted before, Sandiego hasn’t stayed in only the video game world. She’s been branched out to a long running game show which won six Day Time Emmy’s and one Peabody for PBS during its run. She has also been a cartoon on three different occasions (World, Time, and Earth) and been in many different books and comics.

What has made Carmen Sandiego so popular? The brand has always been about making education fun, and since the beginning Carmen has been entertaining children with her capers while simultaneously teaching them geography, as well as branching out into history, language, art, and more. You can’t figure out where Carmen might be if you don’t know about the world!

Now though, we have found Carmen once again and it’s to be on Netflix! Per TrackingBoard, Netflix has ordered the animated series to have a 20 episode season “which aims to be as educational as it is entertaining,” continuing the brand’s original themes. What’s more they have already cast Carmen Sandiego herself.

Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) is going to voice the iconic character. Rodriguez is crazy talented and you can find her on not only her hit show, but also as a full blown movie star. She was in last years Deep Water Horizon and Sticky Notes. Expect to see her next year in Ferdinand, Sharon 1.2.3., and Annihilation. She has also been recently announced for The Star.


No word yet on other characters or casting for the animated show, but we will be watching out for it at the Nerdy Girl Express. The series has a tentative 2019 release date.


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