Disney’s The Finest Hours on @Netflix via @erinwise82

Disney’s The Finest Hours is now streaming on Netflix. If you haven’t had the chance to see it, now would be a good time.

We’ve all grown up with their movies. We fall in love with their characters. Disney creates timeless classics.

When you see that Disney logo come across your screen, you know you’re about to watch magic.

The Finest Hours stars some of my favorite actors and seeing them together on the screen was a real treat. There were so many talented actors, I don’t even want to name a few in fear I will forget some of them. Every scene I was like “Omg that’s so and so from so and so”. (Being a HUGE Outlander fan, Graham McTavish popping up made me squeal lol. He can grace my screen anytime!)

If you want a good “Beat All Odds” movie, this is the one! What took me so long to see this movie????


The movie follows a true life story from the year 1952, when an enormous storm rips the SS Pendleton in half, leaving over 30 men trapped in the sinking stern. Scared and having no radio, these men have to work together to keep what’s left of the tanker afloat while figuring out just what they’re going to do to survive. Now of course, there’s always tension in an intense “your life is on the life” situation.


Attention gets brought to the Chatham, Mass., Coast Guard about the ship and the Chief orders an against all odds rescue. Called to lead the mission is Bernie Webber, (who no one has confidence in after a previous rescue), as well as 3 other men on this suicide mission to rescue the members of the tanker. Now it wouldn’t be a Disney movie without a love story. Waiting back on shore is Bernie’s love, Miriam, who’s biggest worry waking up that morning was getting married. Now, she must hold on to faith as she waits for Bernie to come home.


The Finest Hours is incredibly inspiring, showing the impossible isn’t always impossible.

Keeping pushing forward against all odds.

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(PS: Graham McTavish, seriously, keep gracing my screen, please!!!)


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